Day 8 into the 24/7 life

Of course I rebelled! After five days of being denied an orgasm despite giving him at least two every day I had had enough. I mouth off, yelled, screamed, and clawed at the fucking chastity belt. Ri’ just let me dig myself into a deeper and deeper hole. When I finally calmed down, he began to whistle – SERIOUSLY!! He told me to strip then removed the lock on the belt. Slowly, he took it off me. Somehow, I felt bereft without it. I began to cry. was I really willing to throw in the towel after only five days??

Ri’ ordered me to bend over the table. Because of my outburst, he was going to use a cane on me. Ten minutes. He waited, giving me an opportunity to say “Creature”, the smiled when I nodded and did as he ordered. Slowly, carefully, and precisely, he caned my ass for ten minutes. Of course, it wasn’t constant. He gave me sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 60 seconds between each stripe. I was bawling by the time he finishecane markd. Not only was my ass on fire, but I was humiliated by my childish display of temper. I was also dripping wet.

He used my own moisture to lubricate his cock, slowly sliding it inside of my ass. I continued to sob, but now with gratitude. I WANTED him to use me like this. I WANTED to be held accountable. Once my body had accepted him, he wasted no time. He fucked me hard and deep, not saying a word to me. Within moments he came, filling me with his  forgiveness. He helped me to stand and asked if I was ready to continue.

“Yes, my Ard Ri’,” I responded, accepting my belt again. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the click of the lock.

That night Ri’ did not go easy on me for my nightly spanking just because I had been punished earlier. If anything, he was diligent than ever. Once he finished I slid to the floor and sucked his magnificent cock. He pulled my hair tight against my scalp and encouraged me.

“That’s it. Mouth wide. Learned a lesson today, didn’t you? Fuck, your mouth is amazing!”

He began to breathe heavily then I felt his hot cream slide down my throat. I sat back on my heels and smiled up at him, pleased that I had redeemed myself.

The next morning after our morning spanking and sucking ritual, I felt loved and proud, as if we had both passed a test.

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