Challenge: No metal “attachers”

Milord has set up a month long challenge for me. No zippers, hooks, snaps, or anything else made out of metal which attaches clothing together (grommets are the exception!). Not on any clothing. At first, I thought this would be easy, but do you have any ic40dc092924c2c688add9ce025bb1f26dea how many articles of clothing have metal?? Find a bra that doesn’t close with a hook. Fin

d slacks without a zipper or metal button. Good luck! Find a garter belt without metal hooks. Luckily, I like the boho look which includes a lot of drawstrings and elastic, but Now I either go without a bra at all or wear a lace up corset. No other choice! I can’t even wear shoes that have metal! If I do – over His lap I go!

Just to be fair, Milord also decided that he won’t use anything metal on – or in – me for the month. Honestly, I was a bit sad at this since my favorite plug is metal and, obviously, there’s the buckle on his luscious belt! Nonetheless, Milord is creative if nothing else! The other day I put on a pair off shoes, completely forgetting about the tiny metal buckle on the strap. I knew my mistake the moment he glanced down at them and grinned.

He didn’t need to say a word. I began to strip as all punishments must be completed with me completely nude. He sat down and grabbed my hair brush. I begged him for his hand instead, but he gently hushed me, held 358495on to my waist, and did what he does best. I cried, of course, which pleased he greatly, but in truth, he was quite gentle with me. My ass was only tender for a few hours afterwards.

However, because I had not uttered one word of complaint, once he finished paddling me with the brush, he used the handle to pleasure me. I always feel a bit guilty when he grants me orgasm but doesn’t take one for himself, but he laughed and told me that one of his greatest pleasures was watching me lose all control.

That being the case, we both had a GREAT deal of pleasure! Gotta say, I’m enjoying this challenge, but can’t help but wonder what next month’s will be.

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