Mister’s Might

This really is all my fault. I BEGGED Mister for a week of strict submission. I was beginning to feel rather “unsubmissive” and didn’t like it at all. I needed to be held accountable. I needed to be used. I needed to be reminded of my role.

Mister agreed. Every morning, he decided, would begin with a spanking. Only my safe word would end it. Any screaming, begging, kicking or other unacceptable behavior would only add to the severity. Moaning, crying, and thanking, however, would be seen as acceptable behavior. Such would not shorten the spanking, but would pleasbed-ende him.

After the spanking, he would then fuck me. I would only come if given permission and to earn that, I MUST beg. Once he came, I would clean his cock with my mouth. At all times, I would wear some token of my position as His submissive – an anklet, collar, anal plug, nipple jewelry – the choice would be his.

Sunday began with one of the harshest spankings I had ever received. I tried. Really I did, but soon I was kicking and yelling. As He had warned, His spanks became harsher. Finally, I broke. My body relaxed and tears soaked the bedding. I hadn’t even realized He’d finished until I felt him separate my cheeks and the cold, slick lube enter my anus. I jumped in surprise, but pushed back, accepting his fingers.

“That’s my girl,” he crooned.

A moment later and He was inside of me. He lifted my hips and shoved a pillow beneath them, raising my ass so that he could achieve the deepest of penetrations. It took three strokes before I was asking for permission to come. DENIED. Three more strokes. DENIED with another sharp slap to my already smarting ass.

“Don’t. Ask. Again,” he warned in between thrusts. “You can come when I do. Not a moment before and not after.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Another hard slap. “I did not ask a question!”

Oops. I tried. Really. I focused on my stinging ass. I thought of baseball scores. I silently recited “The Raven”. Nothing helped. Before I could stop myself tremors coursed through my body. Luckily, he plunged in so deep I swear I could taste him and let loose of his own pleasure.

He collapsed on top of me for a moment, both of us breathing hard. He kissed my neck and rolled over then cuddled me against him. We stayed like that for some time then, he kissed me again and said, “Don’t think I forgot that you started to come before I did. Now, be a good sub and open that drawer. There’s a little present for you.”

Goodness, but he knows me well!! I did as he said and pulled out some nasty looking nippletumblr_oouzcpRdn41vtxln4o1_500 clamps. I began to beg but shut my mouth after a look from him. I stood next to the bed so that he could attach them. I watched, silent, as he set a timer for twenty minutes.

“There. Now if you can make it to the end without complaint you’ll have served your punishment. One whimper or whine, though, and I’ll add a ginger fig to your pretty little ass.”

I bit my lip, sucked down the pinching pain, wonder how I could get so wet so quickly, and kissed him deeply.

“This, Sir, is exactly what I need. Thank you.”

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