Well Deserved

I knew this was going to be bad. It should be. I broke several House Rules and argued about a Winter Rules 2018 which is really just a continuation of the Fall Rules 2018. Did I know what I was doing – yes. I was being a crabby brat when I talked back to Milord, put on a bra and panties set that He had not approved of, didn’t bother to cook dinner at all but waited until he got home at 5:55 p.m. to order pizza, and I did not offer one of my three holes for his use for over 48 hours. Yep. I was in for it. And, secretly, couldn’t be more excited or happy.

First, he had me strip. Then, he made me stand in front of him adwvil0lx0aaisw5nd list all of my offenses. I KNEW better than to skip anything at this point. Milord, you see, will often give me enough rope to good and hang myself (figuratively speaking).

“Hands and Knees.”

I dropped to the floor and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Milord had left me in the middle of the living room and went to the The Hidden Room, the christening. Finally, he came back up and told me to crawl to the staircase. Once there I could descend into the Hidden Room any way I chose as long as I did not stand. Apparently, he intended to remind me that I am, in every way, a bottom. I sat on my bottom and bounced my way down.

He had laid out a blanket on the plushly carpeted floor and arranged 3 implements. I knelt back on my heels, eyes down, and waited for further instructions. He held out a ball gag and I opened my mouth. I HATE this. I always slobber – so undignified!

“Lie down. Flat on your belly.”

I scurried to comply. NO WAY was adding more to this! He lubed up my ass and eased in a very large plug. I moaned, feeling the petals open and heard the lock click into place. I’d be wearing this for a long time. Next, in went the ben wah balls. Now I understood. Because I had failed to otumblr_p3vm1tHXOI1u6hzxro1_500ffer him my holes, they would be filled until he chose otherwise.

“Three rules you broke, so three implements will be used. Nod if you agree.”

I nodded. He went to work.

By the time he finished, I was a wet, mushy, complacent, satisfied, and very proper chastised submissive.

“I’ll take out your plugs one at a time. For each one I take out, I’ll fuck that hole until I orgasm. Obviously, there will be a bit of time between each fucking. You, my love, will remain in this room until your punishment is complete. Don’t worry, I’ve stocked the mini fridge with lots of goodies and bottles of water.”

That was nice, but I couldn’t access them with my mouth gagged, which was exactly his plan! I pointed to my mouth. He laughed, told me to turn over, and immediately knelt over my face releasing the ball gag only to replace it with his immaculately aroused penis! I reached up to touch him and he slapped my tits.

“No hands.”

I was to be nothing but a hole for him. This too was punishment. Luckily, the spanking and plugging must have excited him as much as it had me because within minutes I felt the warm, sweet gusher roll down my throat.

He kissed me, helped me to stand, and told me that he would be upstairs for a bit. When he came down, he expected me to be on the bed, my ass propped up by the wedge pillow, and he would then make the decision which hole would be filled. I murmured, “Yes, Milord.” and settled in for a long wait. He was NOT going to make this quick or easy.

What seemed like hours later, I heard the door open and hurried into position. “Very nice,” he comment. “I love that your ass is still blushing from earlier. Did I mention, thought, that I’d like it to stay red while I’m fucking you?”

Nope. He hadn’t. He went to work on it again, this time with his hand. It took about two swats before I was crying and kicking my feet, but he kept on for another eternity. Of course, I could have said my safe word, but where’s the fun in that??? When he finished, he ran a finger down my dripping slit, tapped the plug, and then reached in to pull out the balls from my pussy. He wasted no time in fucking me, holding my hips and plunging deeply. “pleaseletmecomepleaseletmecome,” I muttered over and over again. He laughed and gave permission. I exploded with pleasure!! A moment later, his hot seed48ad47e00ac7d4ffdfd41d4d0e6a389c shot into me and I came again!

He collapsed on top of me before rolling over to hold me close. He kissed me, told me how proud he was of me and napped. An hour later he awoke, kissed me again, but said, “Goodnight!” Seeing the look on my face he laughed and said, “That’s right. I’ll be back in the morning for that ass of yours. I bet you’ll consider your actions before being such a brat in the future.  Sleep well, my love.”

When I heard the door click shut, I flopped down on the bed and laughed, then groaned. Yep. This is exactly what I wanted and what I deserved.


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