His Essence

I’ll admit it. I’m a crafter, maker, whatever you call it now. Basically, I like to create things, beautiful things, out of other things. I’m not a mother (and am perfectly happy with that decision!) but was fascinated with the new breast milk jewelry rage. Obviously, this isn’t an option for me, so what could I use instead? What fluid is the precious in the world to me?? You guessed it! Milord’s essence!!

I brought the idea to Milord a few weeks ago and he, bless him, approved. Each morning I would worship his cock until he was ready, then rather than spilling himself down my throat or across my face as he prefers, he pumped it all out into a glass. I tried several ways to process the precious fluid until one finally worked.

Now, I have a lovely, more valuable than I can explain milk crystal which I wear constantly. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I always have a bit of Milord with me.


PLEASE remember, this is a piece of fiction!!! I have no idea if this would actually work or not, but if you try it and it does, let me know!!

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