U is for Uniform

By definition, a uniform is a distinctive type of clothing worn for the purpose of identification. Many people enjoy wearing uniforms for both BDSM/kinky purposes or in the course of their jobs. After all, who hasn’t heard about the mythical “man in uniform” scenerio or the French Maid’s uniform.

Clothing says a lot about us. It can show our profession, our place of residence, our ethnicity, the weather, our idea of fashion and/or comfort just to name a few. In the BDSM world, a Dom’s “uniform” often consists of black clothing, leather, vinyl, and a stern expression. For the submissive, it’s often a collar, cuffs, and exposing clothing (if any). Women of both persuasions often wear corsets. What we wear can certainly help set a mood.

For example, in my short story, The Maid, Mr. Vanderson requires his maids to wear a modest, blue dress. This may seems innocent, but modest clothing can hide all kinds of lovey tidbits. The practice of wearing the uniform, however, sets the scene for the roles of boss/employee and, as time goes on, Dominant/submissive.

With that in mind, feel free to experiment with adding uniforms into your play, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A “uniform” could be worn beneath outside clothing (matching undies??) or be a particular hairstyle (braids?). Basically, have fun, be creative, and always play responsibly.Ensemble Femme De Chambre Manches Courtes 100% Coton Rayé Bleu / Blanc


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