Y is for Yes

Yes is an extremely powerful word. It implies permission and acceptance – two very different, but companionable ideas. The who says this (or doesn’t say it) also holds a great deal of power. This, dear readers, is a shared responsibility between the Dom and Sub; Top and Bottom; Master/Mistress and slave. Any relationship, not just BDSM, is about negotiations.

“Hey, honey, do you want to go to Biglo’s for dinner?” “Nah, not feeling it tonight. How about we just stay in. I’ll grill some burgers.” “Sure, that sounds great.”

Negotiations. Eventually, an agreement is reached and the answer is Yes.

“Hey honey, do you want your nipples clampled tonight?” “Nah, not felling it. How about we just focus on the the ass. I’ll get the lube.” “Perfect! That sounds great!”


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