Permission to Be

DifvTmTX4AEhcCwI am blind and deaf, made so by His command. I put in the ear buds and blindfold myself, upon His order and with my full consent. I do nothing I don’t agree to, but I agree to follow His word.

Tonight is a challenge. I cannot see or hear Him, yet I must follow His command. I pledged to do so and agree that if I fail, and I will at some point, He will be merciless in my reprimand.

I jump, cry out a bit when His hand touches my nipple. He pulls it, twisting until I cry out again, arching my back. He grabs the other other, pulls. My body follows until I am sitting up. He releases then takes my wrists, secures them to the bedframe. Next, He spreads my legs, ties them wide apart. I’m panting and soaking the rough sheets. He pats my pussy once, twice, preparing me for what is to come. Five times he slaps my drenched pussy. Five times I scream and jerk against my bonds. His teeth clamp down on a still tender nipple, biting, tugging. My blindfold is just as soaked as the sheets beneath me.

He keeps his teeth locked on my poor nipple and spreads my labia. Three fingers He plunges in, forcing my body to yield to His demands. He adds a fourth and I’m sure the width will rip me apart. I don’t care. I don’t even consider speaking my safeword. He releases my nipple only to attach his teeth to the other. As he does this, He removes his fingers – all of them – and rubs my wetness into my back hole. One finger, two. He scissors them to widen me. His thumb against my clit, He adds  third finger. I scream, buck against His hand, His mouth, explode beneath Him.

Suddenly, He’s gone. I scream, “NO!!!” Nothing. For several long minutes. I’m sobbing, begging for His return. I feel the mattress shift. He lifts my hips, spreads my cheeks, and his cock presses against my anus. I shake my head and mutter, “no. Please. Use my puss. Please.” He ignores my words, as He should. As punishment for my words, he slaps my breasts.  Hard. First one then the other. He pushes Himself into me, stretching my anus, filling me. He goes in slowly, making sure I feel ever inch. Again, He takes my nipples in His fingers, pulls slowly, mirroring his cock. By the time He’s balls deep, my back is arched and I’m crying out His name, thanking Him, begging Him, waves of pleasure washing over me.

I am His. I am His body, to be used for His pleasure, His enjoyment. In giving Him everying, I give myself permission to Be.


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