Z is for Zipper

Zippers have long been in use for a quick – or slow – removal of clothing. In the BDSM world, however, a zipper is a series of clothes pins attached to a string of some kind. The pins are then clipped onto the skin and, by pulling the string, can be quickly – and painfully! – “zipped” off with one long, quick – or slow – tug. In all honesty, I have no personal experience with this, but it sounds intriquing! A few things to remember – the less skin clipped, the more intense the pinch. If you want to be kind, you can stretch the metal springs of the clips before hand so the the pressure is less intense as well. Trust me – it is STILL VERY INTENSE, but manageable. Clipping the skin also limits blood flow, so in order not to do permenant damage (DO NOT DO PERMENANT DAMAGE!!!), NEVER keep the clips on for longer than about 12 minutes. Some people can handle up to 20 minutes, but why risk it. Often times 20 minutes is the rule of thumb – at least in fictional books and stories. Remember, though, those are FICTION. Listen to your body and don’t hesitate to safe word out. Doms, watch your sub’s skin tone and reactions. If she/he is in extreme discomfort, adjust. If the skin is looking white, waxy, seriously red, or otherwise suspicious, ADJUST. You can always reapply the zipper later or to a different part of the body! Half the fun, after all, is the application.Image result for bdsm zipper

One thought on “Z is for Zipper

  1. Glad You Mentioned Max Safe Time For Zipper of ANY Kind!! Read Many BDSM Stores, It Sounds Like No Max Time Is In Use! Very Dangerous! Great Article! Great Advice!


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