W is for Wax Play

A slightly darkened room, candles on the table, a naked woman waiting for you. No, this is not the beginning of a Vanilla evening, but rather the beginning of a wax Play evening. Be warned!!! Wax play can be dangerous and leave SERIOUS BURNS. You DO NOT WANT THIS. If you are new to Wax Play, I cannot encourage you enought to read THIS article regarding the different types of wax and how to use them safely!

As always, I strongly encourage Dominants to test the heat on their own body first. This way you know just hoknife waxw far away from the body to hold the candle, how long the heat lasts once the wax is on the body, and how “sticky” the wax is once it has dried. Be EXTRA VIGILANT when dripping wax onto delicate skin such as nipples. I’d also suggest avoiding direct contact with genitals. Trust me – getting close to the genitals (thighs, mound, ass cheeks) is terrifying and exciting all on its own.

With all that being said – enjoy. Experiment with colors, removal techniques (the knife in the picture is likely UNSHARPENED), displaying the finished product. I’ve always thought it might be fun to have the sub arranged on the table, possibly tied down, a group of Doms gather, sip coffee (alcohol could be sketchy when dealing with fire!), and discussing whatever. They, when the mood strikes, drip wax onto the Sub or play with her however they choose. You decide how the evening finishes.

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