Snow White – 2

“That’s my, Princess,” he said. “Before we go, I think I deserve to be thanked.”

I sighed with pleasure and turned. He already had his cock out of his trousers and my mouth was open. He grabDdpoUdEV4AEGgScbed my chin, forcing me to look up at him. “Go as deep as you can, Snow, and wrap those red lips around my dick. Be sure to leave a ring. All the way around the shaft. If you fail, I’ll clip your red nipples with the pearled clamps. I’ll alternate 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off all night long. You’re going to keep your lips locked there while you suck and use your tongue. You will massage my balls. I’ll keep my dick inside of your mo

uth until I’m ready to cum. When I do, I’m going to pull out and paint your pretty tits with my whiteness. You’ll keep it there all night as a sign that belong to me. Agreed?”

I could have said no. After all, this was going to be difficult for a number of reasons. First, Milord is thick ad long which makes going deep hard for me. Second, I’d never made a lipstick ring around a cock before, so I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Third, using only suction and my tongue to get him off might take a while and I knew my jaw would become sore. Fourth, it was bad enough to have my tits and nipples exposed, but to have dried cum on them and possibly clamps all night would be humiliating. My still very wet pussy tingled when I thought of it.

“Of course, Milord,” I answered.

Forty minutes later I strode into the Castle on Milord’s arm, my corset once more tightened, and handed the coat check my lacy shawl. The man stared pointedly at my exposed breasts, the nipples bright red, a fine white sheen covering the flesh. He smiled at Milord and bowed his head slightly. I blushed, bit my red lip, but kept my chin up just as Milord liked.

“Beautiful, Sir, if I may say so,” the coat check man said. “Then again, you always keep your lady beautifully marked.”

I blushed more. Milord adored displaying his handiwork. He adored even more my discomfort at being viewed so objectively. I had been warned, though, that if I complained or disappointed him in any way I’d be gagged with, going along with the fairy tale, an apple. I’d have to keep my teeth sunk into the flesh of the apple all night long without actually biting it. If I did, I’d be bond on the Cross and be flogged by at least seven different Doms. With that in mind, I smiled, but said nothing. Milord laughed, thanked the man, the placed a hand on my bare back. Together we entered the Castle and began a very interesting and pleasurable evening.

One thought on “Snow White – 2

  1. I Love That You properly thanked Milord, with Your concerns while doing it and wore His cum with both embarrassment and pride! His warnings about what will happen if You disappoint Him make me wonder if there is a Snow White 3 coming!


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