H is for Horse

Spanking horse, that is. Practically anything can be turned into a spanking bench or horse – a tall backed chaired, the end of a bed, a bar stool. Anything that a submissive can be bent over will work beautifully. Personally, I like this design (althought I have yet to actually try it myself!). I like the smooth roundness of the wood, the multipe tie-down points, and certainly the naturalness of the wood. I also like the idea that a submissive can certainly be bent over the horse for a good, solid spanking or fucking, but can also be placed astride the horse for all kinds of fun, kinky pleasures. Since this is handmand, it can certainly be tailored to the submissive’s specific height requirements, plus the very act of the dominant making it shows his attention to detail and his devotion to his sub.

As with all things BDSM, check for safety (no one wants a splinter up his or her ass!), and if the sub is bound, that he or she has proper circulation. Have fun!Saddle Rack = I can make this and the modify it.  Fun

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