Do not, for one moment, think you have a choice.

Well, much of a choice. You have two choices.

Accept, or use your safeword/gesture,

the one and only word or gesture that I will alwayes respect.


Aside from that, you will accept.

I need, demand, your total surrender.

You will be blindfolded, bound, used, shared, spanked, clamped,

fucked in every single hole possibly by multi


ple objects or people.

Your desires are meanlingless.

Your use is priceless.

Your beautiful, perfect body is mine.

I will use it, display it, enjoy it, share it as I please.

After, you will remember.

Your body will remember as witnessed

by the markings, the soreness, the leakage.

You will remember and be grateful

and know you are MINE.



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