K is for Klismaphilia

How many of you have heard of this word?  I hadn’t until I starting doing research for this series. According to Psychology Today it is a term coined by Dr Joanne Denko in the reporting of two case studies early 1970s (‘klisma’ is the Greek word for ‘enema’)—is a very unusual variant in sexual expression in which an individual obtains sexual pleasure from receiving enemas (i.e., the cleansing of the colonic canal via anal douching).Mar 5, 2014  However, based on the number books and articles I’ve come across not to mention blogs, discussion boards, and the like, my unoffical and unscientific conclusion is that while enema play may be unusual, it is not “very unusual”.

I suppose, however, that the decision could be influenced by your definition of the word “pleasure.” Many folks use enemas to ensure less mess after/while they enjoy the pleasure of anal sex. Others use it as a punishment or humiliation for their submissive. In those cases, I suppose the enema is a means to an end (pun intended) rather than a “pleasure” in and of itself. I’ve written several little stories involving enemas as a way to train, punish, and prepare, but never one where the subject gains sexual pleasure from the enema itself, so maybe that truly is unusual or perhaps i just have never thought of it before. It is, though, an interesting idea and one I will need to explore.tumblr_olokk7rqDv1ucdihlo1_1280

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