Extended Time for breaking rules

Spring Rules 2018 

You guessed it. I screwed up again. Really, it wasn’t my fault this time. True, I was cutting it close coming home from my friend Josie’s house, but how was I to know that construction the highway started yesterday and I’d be stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes. Sure, I told Milord that I would leave Josie’s house at 7:00, and since she is only a 10 minute drive from our home, that would have allowed for plenty of time for me to get home and undressed by 8:00. Sure, if I had wanted to stay later all I had to do was tell Milord that and he would have agreed, told me to have fun, and that my hours of nudity could be postponed. He likes to know roughly my ETA when I’m out not so he can micromanage me, but to reassure himself that I’m safe. Never ONCE has told me not to hang out with friends!! But no. I had to stay for that extra cup of tea and finish watching some dumb reality t.v. program, so it was quarter to 8 before I actually left her house, making me an hour late.

Did I do any of those things? No. At least I knew enough not to call or text while I was in a construction zone. Not only is that against the law, but Milord is a stickler for safe driving practices. Had I done that, he would have doubled my punishment. As it was, I had two broken rules to make up for and that, my friends, was plenty!!

First, I had pinnedto make up for the 63 minutes I was late in being nude. Milord decreed that he would spank my ass once for every minute. I agreed and he began – hard. No warm up, no breaks, no gentle rubbing, no fingerirng my dripping wet pussy. Just 63 fast, hard swats. By the time he’d made it to 20 I was crying, and by 50 I was squirming. Milord just grabbed both of my wrists in one hand and kept right on with his delivery. Trust me – I am SO NOT sitting pretty today!!

Second, because I left Josie’s late and didn’t let Milord know (because if I had I would have escaped all punishment!), Milord decreed that I would be grounded. Again, going with the time theme, I would be nude and confined to the house for 1 tumblr_op4htk1tmQ1v3b77yo1_500day (1 day for 1 hour). But, there was that extra three minutes. I would have three “reminders” for that 24 hour period. Two reminders would be nipple shield beneath my rings and a chain connecting them. This may not seem like much, and neither the chain nor the shields hurt in the slightest, but man are they annoying! I can’t move without the chain swinging. Also, Milord put in my largest rings! I have had to be super aware and careful not to get the chain hooked on anything all day! That’s reminder 1 and 2.

For my third “reminder” to be more considerate, Milord, naturally, used an insertable. I was expecting an anal plug, but I should know not to assume anything! Nope. Instead, He inserted stainless steel teardrop shaped ben wah balls. These, he said, would remain inside of me CONSTANTLY. If they came out – for any reason – he’d give me five lines with the cane!

Now just because my pussy is filled and I’m enduring a punishment is no reason for Milord to be deprived of his pleasure!! No, not at all. I have two other holes available, after all. And lucky for me, Milord activily partook of both!! Last night, he used my ass. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep slick, teardrops of stainless steel inside your pussy when it’s gushing wetness and shaking with pleasure??? This morning he gave me break and used only my mouth. Nonetheless, I still managed to come and almost let those little demon balls slip out!! Milord laughed, kissed me, and gave my chain a little tug before he left for work.

I can’t help staring at clock now. Two more hours and Milord will be home. An hour after that and my punishment will be at an end. So far, I’ve managed to keep the metal where he placed it. Here’s to hoping I can keep up the good work! Who knows, maybe if I can Milord will give me a luscious reward!

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