Snow White

I have always loved the story of Snow White. The red, the back, the white. The colors alone are capitivating and mesmerizing which is why when Milord suggested an evening at the Castle, I suggested he be Prince Charming, which he is anyway, and I be his Snow White. I have, after all, very, very white skin. Naturally, Milord began by pulling me over his lap.  I thought he would redden my bottom, but I was wrong. Instead of a lovely spanking, he spread my petals, rubbing gently until I was dripping. Only then did he dip his fingers inside – three of them. Slowly but firmly he tickled my g-spot until I thought I’d lose my mind.

“That’s it. Come all over my hands, princess. Keep it up.”

Like I could stop!!! He added a fourth finger and I exploded, drenching his fingers, his hand, his legs with my pleasure.

“Please, sir. Please. I can’t take any more,” I begged, desperate for a break. He laughed and said I’d take whatever he gave. The sight of my cum was far too delicious to stop now, he told me. I squirmed until he locked my legs down with one of his. I screamed his name over and over, thanking him, begging for mercy, honestly I have no idea what I was saying. Finally, he granted me mercy. I slid between his legs ready to offer him my thanks, but he helped me to my feet. He had something for me, he said. Somethine92e85e3fd747f60751f9a4092bcfc61g he’d bought months ago and was waiting for the right occassion to give it to me. This, he said, would be perfect. He helped me stand then opened a drawer, pulling out the most sinful panties I’d ever seen. A single strand of white pearls comprised the crotch which was attached to a bit of lace the fit snuggly around my hips. The pears rubbed in just the right spot to massage but not irritate. I looked at him, wide eyed, and he laughed. He wasn’t finished, he told me. Next, he laced me into my under the bust black corset. He then handed me a pair of long black gloves.

“Perfect,” he said. “Now sit down at the vanity, Princess. I’m not finished.” He got out a brush and ran it through my long, red hair. I could barely sit still with the pearls pressing against my swollen and well satisfied puss. He tied up my hair then slid on a jet black wig. He took out my brightest red lipstick and, using a brush, applied it to my lips. I thought that would be it, that he’d let me slip on a dress, but no. I should know better than to assume. He tighted my corset again, forcing me into a very straight posture, my breasts dangling heavily over the satin. Again, he took up the lipstick and brush, this time applying a thick coating to my bulleted nipples. When he was satisfied, he dabbed setting powder to both my lips and nips so that the red wouldn’t smudge.

“Now, step into this skirt,” he ordered, handing me a long, flowing black sheer skirt. “Lovely. By the way, Snow, no top.” I gasped, horrified and  excited all at the same time. “You may drap a shawl over yourself in the car, but once we enter the Castle, you will hand it to the coat check. I want every attendee tonight to see those beautiful red nipples.” I blushed, but said Yes Milord.DdpoUdEV4AEGgSc

One thought on “Snow White

  1. You are Gorgeous with string of Pearls between Your cheeks and Your nipples and lips painted bright sexy red! Your story telling how you got to these photos is Very Entertaining! Really Enjoyed This!


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