G is for Grandmothering

This IS NOT GILF (grandmothers I’d like to fuck). It is about appearing in front of your grandmother in such a manner as she would approve of – at least on the outside.  Wearing a pretty, modest dress or other outfit, but beneath wearing whatever your Dominant choose you to wear. For example, wearing a simple dress which covers absolutely everythin3a118a8b9b6e88454668bccd7eb3cf64g, but beneath bearing the marks of a lovely caning or being plugged with a ginger coated anal device. Then, despite any discomfort, the submissive must, absolutely must, maintain a demeaner of respect and peace as would befit the presence of esteemed family, such as a grandmother. Thereby externally projecting the image of a demure lady, but internally knowing one is an obedient submissive.

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