Summer Submission

This morning, just like every morning since Memorial Day and at least until Labor Day, Sir clamped my nipples. He also buckled my collar on me – the OBVIOUS collar, not the pretty one that can easily double as a necklace. This one eve has a ring in front to which he can, if he chooses, attach a leash, which, in turn, can them be attached to something else – a post, his wristumblr_ol9redRFrj1vjas2wo1_400t, an eye hook – thereby keeping me bound. My collar, like all other “items Sir puts on – or in depending upon what it is – me must stay there until he takes it off or out.  He held my breasts, for which I was grateful, and took me from behind, for which I was also grateful! The clamps – rubber tipped, but still tight – bounced with each thrust. He thrust A LOT. Sir was in no hurry this morning since he didn’t have to go to work. I was thrilled. His collar on me, his cock in me, his hands caressing me. I closed my eyes and shattered. He held me upright with his hands beneath my breasts and impalement on his cock. He bent over me, whispered in my ear, telling me how beautiful I was, how he loved my touch, my scent, my reactions to him. His voice tipped me over again and I cried out his name as my body trembled. “What have you always wanted done to your nipples” he whispered, “but I would never allow?” I gasped. Really, he was going to let me do it??? “That’s right,” he said, as he thrust deeper, raising me onto my toes. His cock swelled and he tugged on the clamps. “These should be terrible sensitive today. It will hurt,” he warned. I began to tremble and quiver again. “But you won’t mind, will you?” No, no I won’t. Thank you, Sir. “My pleasure.” He came hard, filling me with himself. I was grateful for his words, as soon as he finished I spun around and dropped to my knees. I sucked the cream still oozing from his crown. I licked and cleaned him, worshiping his perfect cock. He bent a bit, tugged the chain between the clamps and freed my nipples. I screamed a bit, his cock still in my mouth, then released it so that I could lick and suck each of his balls. He helped me to my feet, told me to put on a white t-shirt and skirt. My nipples were beyond prominent! He drove me to the piercing parlor and made arrangements. The guy doing the piercing looked at my collar and my puffy nips. He looked at me and asked if this is what I wanted, he was bound by law to ask. I smiled and assured him it was. After that, he ignored me and spoDBNqoSrWAAABdOike only to Sir. I squirmed with delight, apprehension, and a bit of pain. The guy asked Sir if he should apply some lidocaine to numb the pain to which Sir replied that it wouldn’t be necessary. He marked my nipples then used special clamps to pull them slightly upward. Next came the needle. Tears ran down my face, but I kept silent, Sir holding my hand. He had chosen bars for me, so these were then inserted. Then, the whole process was repeated to the other side. We both listened carefully to the instructions on how to care for my new piercings. my mouth dropped open in shock when the guy said no rough nipple play for 9 months minimum. On the way home, I asked Sir what we were going to do about the summer rule of having them clamped every morning. Sir glanced at me, grinned and said, “I guess you’re in for a lot of punishments.” I laughed and laughed, then finally said, “Sir, have I ever told you how much I love your diabolical nature?”

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