Religion and Sex

There’s been a bit of a rumble lately regarding the place off religion in the bedroom, particularly with BDSM and Domestic Discipline. I’m not about to give a definitive answer because just about the only thing more personal than sex is religion. My thoughts, which are representative of only my thoughts, are as varied on the subject as my religious background is. I was raised in a very strict Catholic household, was asked to leave 2 different Catholic churches, attended a Methodist church for a while, and now consider myself pagan with strong wiccan leanings.

Sex, kinky or otherwise, is powerful. Done well, it is an act of worship and joy – both of which have religious overtones. But does that make sex a religious act? Not necessarily. Sure, many religions believe that a woman should generally submit to her husband and that a husband should care for and protect his wife. BDSM certainly involves submission and protection, so in that sense, it can also be seen in a religious light. Many pagan religions believe that the melding together of two bodies into one is symbolic of creation – water and earth coming together to create crops, those crops nurturing both human and animal life – a cycle of life itself.

Image result for sex and religionBut is the act of sex itself religious? Possibly. It all depends upon a person’s mindset and beliefs. What is prayer for one is a spell for another is a joyous act in and of itself for a third. So, do I believe that religion has a place in the bedroom (or wherever a person chooses to have sex)? Yes. I do. Do I believe that religion has  place in BDSM? Yes, I do. Can sex and kink exist without religion – YES!!! Is every sexual encounter connected with religion? No, I don’t believe that either. Nor do I believe a religious mindset needs to be shared by two people, although that would, indeed, make their connection stronger. In BDSM in particular, the act of submitting to another person involves more than just submitting the body, it also involves submitting the mind, the soul even. The act of dominating really means the act of providing for and protecting another person – his or her body, heart, soul, and over all well being. Religion is not necessary for BDSM or sex at all, but it certain can enhance the experience.

One thought on “Religion and Sex

  1. I have a Jewish friend who once explained to me, that in Judaism, one of the grounds for a woman to request a divorce, is if her husband fails to sexually satisfied her. The problem with religion and sex, is that it’s tied with procreation rather than pleasure. A duty, rather than a joyful union with God.

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