Following Rules – Free the Nips

So one of my Summer Rules 2017 is that my nipples be clamped every morning and that I am not allowed to wear a bra unless specifically given permission. I don’t really like this on hand because my nipples are ridiculously large (my opinion, not Milord’s!) and I find the looks from other people embarrassing. On the other hand, I love this because Milord pays so much more attention to my nipples, which are also ridiculously sensitiv61M2VRxMazL._SX522_e (my opinion, not Milord’s!) that I react to even the slightest touch. This morning he presented me with a new set of clamps. He  sucked on my nipples to make the stand up – and gave me my first orgasm of the day! – then attached the clamps. They were a fairly comfortable fit with the rubber coating. Then he flicked them a few times and I grimaced. He pointed out the rings dangling and I paled a bit. Grinning, he informed me that today I’d just wear the clips, but tomorrow or perhaps the next day he’d add “ornaments” to the rings – bells, weights, whatever he felt like. I groaned, knowing he’d be true to his word. He lifted my chin, kissed me, and then asked if I would like that. I answered honestly – I said no, I wouldn’t like it, but I WOULD like knowing it pleased him. He smiled again, happy with my answer. He pulled me on top of him and, as a reward for my honest, let me ride him. It took all of 2 seconds before I came again. The clipped nipples, his broad chest, his clever cock were all too much to withstand. I thought he’d flip me over then and have his way with me, but he kept me on top. Each bounce caused the clamps to jump which added tension to my now tender nipples. “That’s it, love. Ride me hard and keep coming.” NOT A PROBLEM!!! I never last long on top of him. “Thank you,” I managed to say, gasping. “For?” he prompted. “Letting me have your cock in my pussy.” Normally, the rule is that if I’m on top, his cock is in my ass. I should have kept my mouth shut. “Good point, love. It’s lubricated quite well now, so I think you should relocate.” I dropped my forehead to his and murmured, “yes, sir.” He was not in the mood for gentleness now. As soon as I had the crown in position he grasped my hips and pushed down at the same time he thrust his own hips up. I cried out and came again. His cock is enormous. The combination of the pain in my nipples, his mouth on mine, his cock in my bottom exploded. I was exhausted, ready for a break, but he was not. He slapped my bottom once when I slowed, reminding me to keep moving. Finally, I saw his face tense then he too cried out as he released his pleasure deep with me.

After a few minutes, he held me, kissed me again, then got up to shower and dress for the day. I also got up, put on the coffee and popped a bagel into the toaster. By the time it was toasted and I’d spread it with peanut butter he was dressed and in the kitchen. He came to me, flicked the clamps again, and captured my mouth with his. While I was distracted by his tongue, he pulled off the clamps. I screamed into his kiss as the blood rushed back. He dropped his head and gently kissed each of my swollen nipples. “Go on, now,” he said. “Get dressed. I want to see what you’ll be wearing so I can think of you all day long.tumblr_oqq2icNT3C1vjf96ao1_1280

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