Drive By

Trey bought me a car! A very, very pretty one. I’ve never had a car before, having always relied on public transit or Him to give me a ride wherever I needed to go. Now, though, since we’ve moved out to the country, I need one. It’s a pretty silver BMW. I was so excited I made a rash – or maybe not so rash – promise. I’ll do anything you want for a full week. “Anything?” he said. “Anything!” I answered. He made me repeat my promise. Then asked if I was absolutely positive. I knew then that  He was planning something perverted (Oh yay!!) and likely something that I wouldn’t be too happy about doing at the time, but would be happy about obeying – if that makes any sense at all. I sobered up, looked him straight in the eye and gave my promise to obey absolutely anything He ordered. No safe word. No hesitation. If I broke my word, I’d be grounded from the car for a week and give seven lashes with his belt. He grinned and tossed


me the keys. Then, he told me to strip out of my clothes. Grinning, I did, as did he. To my surprise (and pleasure) he spun me around, held me my wrists behind me and bent me over the table. He warmed me up well so I was good and wet. He entered me and I moaned. I absolutely LOVE HIM inside of me, but good lord He’s big!! As he’s pumping slowly in and out He’s also pushing a finger in my anus. My heart stops a moment. Did I mention He’s big??? A promise, though, is a promise. He adds a second finger and scissors them gently to stretch me out. By now, I’ve already come once. I begin to babble – yes. Do it. Thank you. Please, keep fucking me – and cry just a bit. I come again and he pulls out of my pussy. His crown presses against my anus, slowly, relentlessly. I cringe and he slaps my ass. “No hesitation” he reminds me. I grit my teeth and push back, impaling myself on his fat, long cock. I cry out, shudder at the pain, then come again. He laughs and begins to fuck me in earnest. Finally, he comes, shooting deep inside of me. We rest for a bit, then he dresses. I begin to as well, but he stops me. “Naked. All


day long,” he says. “Let’s go for a ride.”

I look at him, shocked. He can’t be serious!! But he is. We head out to the garage and he holds open the back door of my car. I climb in, blushing furiously. My bottom is tender, so I sit gently which makes him laugh again. “Don’t worry,” he says. “We’ll stay on the back roads. Then we’ll go back home. I’m going to want you again, this time in your mouth.” Well, if that’s the case, I’ll gladly ride around stark naked all afternoon!

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