AAA- Triple A

Three days. Thrbf65f32556b72e28dbe0a956ddb8c22cee days of Anal – Triple A – or more if I’m lucky. Mister absolutely LOVES anal. Personally, I could do with it. At least when I haven’t had it in a while I feel like I don’t miss it. Then, decides he wants my ass again, and it’s all I can think about. Makes no sense, I know, but not much in life really does. For three days, he has decided, we will have a ritual. First, I’ll be over his lap for a good long spanking (Yay!). While I’m over his lap he’ll insert a plug – going from smallest to largest. On the first day, I’ll have to keep the plug in for a minimum of one hour, the second day a slightly bigger plug for two hours, and the third day, a still bigger plug for three hours. On the fourth day, he’ll finally fuck my ass and then the whole process reverses. I’ll go from the largest plug to the smallest, three hours to one hour – minimum. After I’m plugged, I’ll show my gratitude by sucking his cock (Yay! Yay!) After that, he’ll either fuck my mouth or my pussy (Please, fuck my pussy!!!). The time for my plugging will begin after he has come, not before. Once my time is up, he’ll let me know. I’m not allowed to ask for it’s removal even if my minimum time is past. Then, I’ll again suck his cock. If he so desires, he might again fuck me (Yes! Please!). He will, however, place me over  his lap again and spank me. This time, he’ll keep spanking until I cry. I don’t cry easily, so this may take a while. Only then will he remove the plug. I’m not at all sure why he’s decided to do this, but I’m grateful. Basically, this means I’ll be fucked at least once a day for the next 7 days!! Three days of priming, one day of ass use, then three more days of working back to the smallest. A full week of a sore bottom, forced to do something I’m not thrilled about but that he loves (which is an EXCELLENT reminder of my place as his submissive), having his cock in my mouth at least twice a day and his cum in my body at least once a day. There is nothing, nothing in this plan that I don’t love. All I can say is this. Thank you, Mister.ginger braid

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