Appropriate dress – fiction

Yes, it was my fault. I was in a hurry. I already had my skirt and blouse ironed for work and didn’t have time to find something else to wear (not that it would have matter! The problem was still the same.). I should have done some laundry last night and didn’t. It was that I was too tired (which would have still been met with punishment, but not nearly as harsh), I just forgot. I didn’t think of my fall rules at all. Not once. I grabbed the only pair of clean tights I had – one that had been shoved all the way to the back of the drawer, pulled them on, and went to work. It wasn’t until lunch that I remembered the rule I had agreed too. Only tights or leggings that are crotchless. Crap! Yes, I could have rushed home after work and changed before Mister got there, but where’s the honest (and fun) in that?? So, I sent him a text and admitted my guilt. His return text was quick and to the point. Be naked and face down on the bed when he got home. I gulped. Usually, he reserves punishments for after dinner, but apparently, he wanted to correct me immediately. This wasn’t going to be good. I worried and fretted all afternoon, which he knew9c627d394db89ced2f78aab62b128b66 I would. Not surprisingly, by the time I got home and stripped out of my work clothes, the crotch of my tights was dripping wet. I folded my clothes neatly and lay on the bed – for an hour! Finally, I heard the door to our bedroom open. He said nothing, which made me even more nervous! Then he took my wrists and tied them to the headboard using my tights as binders. I so wanted to beg, to talk, to ask forgiveness, but Mister doesn’t appreciate unsolicited conversation during a well deserved punishment. Then, I heard the tell tale sound of his belt sliding from his trousers. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing what was to come. Twenty times his soft leather belt came down on my ass and upper thighs. By the time he finished, I was a wet, soggy mess – all over my body! Then, he used his knife to cut me free of the headboard but kept my wrists bound with the ruined tights. He kissed me soundly, praised me for being honest and taking my licks, then told me get dinner together – with my wrists bound! Luckily, he’s a simple man, so a cold dinner of cheese, bread, and cold cuts suited him just fine. He sat down to eat, but told me to kneel. I was to worship his cock while he ate. Only when he came would I be allowed to eat as well. I lowered my head, a smile on face. I wasn’t all that hungry – for food – anyway, but I was always more than happy to have his cock in my mouth! By the time he came, my jaw was aching almost as much as my ass. He helped me stand, then insisted I sit on a hard wooden chair while I ate my dinner. After a quiet evening of watching a bit of television – I was still not allowed clothing and my wrists still bound, we went to bed. Again, he had me lay on my stomach, my hips raised on two pillows. He entered me and I began to tremble. He laughed, saying how responsive I was, how proud he was of mef0767a5b12281ef618ae098f8010bb4e. That’s all it took. His voice. I came, gasping and crying from the sheer joy of it. He used his hands to slap my already hurting ass as he fucked me, both of us coming again.

This morning, you can bet I’m dressed appropriately!

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