Fall Rules – Fiction

Milord has decided that because he has a new job and mine has gone cray-cray, we need to simplify our lives. I totally agree. As a result, we are downgrading our Fall rules from our regular 10 to 5. Ten was becoming cumbersome, and many of the rules were repeated every season. Therefore, we Image result for submissive womannow have CR – Common Rules and SR – Seasonal Rules. One of our Summer rules was that I remain completely shaved. Sadly, I let this slide last week and must now bear the consequences. My mound today is read and slightly swollen as Milord took me to have the offending hair waxed off. At this point, I will be allowed to let a center strip grow out. The rest must remain shaved. I also received 10 – yes, 10 – stinging smacks to my pussy because of my disobedience, prior to my waxing appointment. I was not allowed any pain relievers, which meant, I cried during the procedure. Once I returned home, Milord order that I strip so that he could inspect the work done. Naturally I did so.I was on the end of the bed, legs splayed wide, while Milord looked, felt, and licked every inch of my pubic area. I begged him to let me come, but he refused. Then, satisfied, he fucked me, still not allowing me to orgasm. He, however, pulled out and sprayed his cum on my freshly waxed and still tender mound. He rubbed the cream in where it would dry and harden. Only then did we sit down to discuss my Fall rules.

  1.  Leggings and tights allowed only if they are crotchless.Image result for crotchless leggings
  2. Only panties that are also crotchless are allowed. Essentially, my legs may be covered, but my slit may not be. This allows for warmth and modesty at work, but also will force me to think of him and his ownership of my body at all times.
  3. After the kitchen is cleaned but before 8:00 every evening while home, at least 10 minutes of spanking will be administered. After this, there will be no more talk of work. Only family, entertainment, and each other.
  4. I will worship Milord’s cock at least once every day. If he does not offer it to me, I will beg for it.
  5. Milord has the right and the duty to orgasm in each of my three holes at least once per week. Naturally, he may avail himself as often as he likes.

As in the past, failure to follow our agreed upon rules will meet with immediate and merciless punishment. This may sound harsh, but I need this. If I know I can slide by the rules, I will, which will leave me feeling that Milord doesn’t really care about the rules. Yes, my mound is tender to the touch – the dried cum on it has only added to the itchy feeling, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. After dinner, Milord says that I can shower, which was gracious of him. I was worried he’d make me wait until morning.

Key Point:  Being a Dominant is a job which requires respect, love, fairness and consistency. If aren’t up to it, don’t play at it.




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