Acts of Public Submission

Now for the list of suggestions to show your submission while in public (Again, I’m using the pronoun He for the dominate and She for the sub, but this is simply an act of convenience.).

  1.  Never criticize or argue in public. If you disagree, hold your tongue until you’re in private.
  2. Smile at him often
  3. Wear (or don’t wear) clothing that you both find appealing
  4. Expect to be treated as a Lady worthy of respect
  5. Text often (if possible) to let him know you are thinking of him.
  6. Wear what he gives you, whether that is a bracelet or marks on your ass, with pride.
  7. Allow him to make some decisions for you – such as wine choices, radio stations, and such.
  8. Always treat him with respect and good manners
  9. Establish silent protocols so you can communicate easily (i.e. touching the earrings he gave you to show you wish you were alone).
  10. Return his displays of affection


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