Testing the Client

My dominant is also my boss. Not an arrangement that everyone would enjoy, but it works for us. For the record, I was his submissive before I became his PA. Also, it was at MY suggestion that I become his PA, not his. It was also at my insistence that our personal relationship be carried over to our working one. About 85% of the time, we are very professional at work. After all – it’s work! However, I NEVER wear panties and I’m also more than pleased to switch into the role of sex kitten rather than efficient assistant at any time. Today was one of those times. Mr. Birchly (We use formal language at work as well) called me into his office. He was interviewing a new writer – Mr. Birchly is a literary agent. This particular author wrote erotica and claimed that he was a Dom with over 20 years of experience. Mr. Birchly agreed to take him on as client if and only if he was able to prove his experience. I was to be “loaned” to Mr. Fender for the next hour so that he could prove his mastery. Only then would Mr. Brichly agree to read his book. Naturally, I agreed. Within minutes, Mr. Fender had me stripped and bent over an office chair. He bound my wrists, knees and ankles, effectively immobilizing me. It was his voice. Quiet, calm, yet expecting obedience. At his very first command – to remove my clothing, I dropped my eyes and felt myself begin to go into sub-mind. He continued to talk to me, praising me, speaktumblr_od5zpw27vb1se5ineo1_540ing gently, touching me. Once he had me bound to his satisfaction, He stood in front of me and unzipped his trousers. Without hesitation, I opened my mouth. I WANTED to please this man! Then, he casually invited Mr. Birchly to take me from behind. I moaned, on the verge of orgasm. Then, Mr. Fender pulled my hair so that I looked up at him. He warned me not to come and not to stop suck. Only when both men were satisfied would I be allowed to come. I blinked my understanding and redoubled my efforts. I sucked, licked, tightened my lips. I worked the muscles of my pussy, pushed back as much as I could, meeting my Dominant’s thrusts. Just when I thought I could stand no more, Hot cream shot down my throat. A moment later, I felt my beloved Mr. Brichly grip my hips and pant as he too filled me with his cum. The men then traded places. I eagerly licked and sucked my Dominant’s cum covered cock as Mr. Fender inserted four fingers into my wet pussy. He pressed his thumb against my clit and told me that I was very good, a well trained slut. He again spoke soothingly but confidently. My world exploded and I came, coating his fingers with my own pleasure. After, he unbound me, held me on his lap, and signed the papers making Mr. Brichly his  new agent.

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