Pick A Box – 2

Janice stared intently at the two remaining box, uncertain. Finally, she pointed to the largest.

“Open it.”

Biting her lip,Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator Butt Plug: she did as Clark said. When she saw the plug that would be inside of her for at least 7 hours, she gave a little hiccup. If she thought yesterday had been challenging, this would be worse. At least she’d only be plugged for 7 hours rather than 9. On the other hand, this plug splayed out in 4 directions rather than 2. She could only imagine how full and uncomfortable it would be inside of her.

“Perfect,” Clark said. “I was hoping you’d pick this one. Now. Position.”

Janice new better than to hesitate. She bent over, cringing when Clark swiped her bottom with the cold lube. He pushed it inside of her, scissoring his fingers. When he felt she was ready, he pressed in the plug.

“Please, Clark. It’s too big. Please, no.”

“Whose ass is this?”

“Yours,” Janice answered, whimpering slightly.

“Who was being a brat?”

“I was.” Oh god. It was too big. Surely it would never fit.

“How long will this be inside of you?”

“Until you take it out.” She’d insisted on this a long time ago when she’d first entered into a D/s relationship and Clark had readily agreed. Whatever he put in or on her stayed there until she used her safe word or he took it out. Now, she almost regretted this rule. Almost.

Janice cried out. The plug was seated inside of her. She could feel her sphincter close and the plug’s petals open.

“Clark. Please.”

“No whining, Janice. None. No begging, either. You will open the store on time and go about your job as you always do. There had best not be one customer who comments about anything odd regarding you. You will smile, walk normally, sit without wincing. Understand.”

Janice accepted Clark’s hand and stood upright, the plug filling her body.

“Yes, sir.”

At 4:00 sharp, Clark called into the back office of their store.

“Are you comfortable, Janice?”


“Are you in pain?”


“Are you ready for me to remove the plug?”

Yes, Please. Please take it out, Clark.

He looked at her, a sad expression on his face.

“You really haven’t learned, have you. What was our first rule?

Oh god.

“I see you remember. And do you remember me warning you not to whine or beg today? What did you just do?”

I’m so sorry.

“We’ll see how much sorry you are a little later. I was going to take the plug out since we are at a lull in the day, but not now. Go on back out to the floor, love.”

An hour later, Janice again found herself in the back room. Clark asking the same questions. Now, though, she knew the correct answer to his question.

“It is for you to decide when to take it out, sir.”

Clark smiled, as did Janice. That night, snuggled in Clark’s arms, her bottom hole once again filled with cum, Janice fell asleep with one though in her head. One. More. Box.



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