I’ve been a Bad Girl

Yep. Bad. Not just Bad. Terrible. I was feeling neglected by Uncle and so I intentionally broke a few rules – some REALLY important ones. Now, I’m not feeling neglected at all. I’m feeling ashamed, humiliated, loved, protected and sorry. Which rules did I break?

  1.  Don’t Lie to Uncle
  2. Don’t be out past 9 p.m. without letting Uncle know where you are (he just worries about my safety)
  3. Don’t dress provocatively or flirt without Uncle’s permission (safety again!)
  4. Limit of one alcoholic drink when Uncle is not with you.

Here’s the condensed version. I went to a snazzy new club – alone – dressed in a corset top and a miniskirt, matching black undies (thongs), and 4 inch heels. I drank 4 shots of tequila an danced with 3 different guys, flirting outrageously with them the whole time. Finally, around 11:30 I answered Uncle’s worried text, telling him where I was. One of the men I was dancing with (who was really a gentleman!) grabbed my phone, read the text, and added that I was really drunk and needed someone to come get me so I’d be safe. He agreed to stay with me until Uncle arrived. When Uncle got there, the guy – Larry – shook Uncle’s hand and said if I were his, he’d make sure I wouldn’t sit comfortably for several days. (Yep, leave it to me to hook up with another dom!). Uncle laughed and said that would be the least of my worries – Uh-Oh!

So right away when we got home, Uncle had me strip. Punishment 1 – forced nudity. No clothing until next weekend (Damn! 7 days of being confined to the house!). Then, he bent me over the “whipping chair” and went to town on my bottom. No warm up. No soothing words. Just a constant scolding added to the forceful whacks of his belt. Obviously, it didn’t take long for me to start crying and begging. Naturally, this made no difference. The only thing that wbeltould have stopped him was my safe word. Once he finished and my ass was ON FIRE!!! he told me that every morning and night of my 7 day grounding he would use his belt on my ass again. My mouth dropped open in shock. But, I nodded. He was well within his rights to do this. I had broken some major rules and deserved a major punishment. I hated this, but had agreed that if needed, I would accept a belt spanking morning and night. Now it was time to face the music, I guess.

Then, he made me stand in the corner, my hands behind my head. No talking. No wiggling. I was to think about the danger I had placed myself in and the worry I had caused him. Just to be sure I kept focused, Uncle put the magnetic balls on my nipples. I cringed and wiggled my feet, which earned me another slap on my ass. I yelped, but stayed in position after that. For being1ec6aeddfe44e6f42aea551862de23a1 so small, those balls sure pack a punch! The pinching intensified the more they were on me and soon I was whimpering. Tears were flowing down my face and every now and then I sniffed, but I didn’t move. About 20 minutes later, Uncle removed the balls from my nipples and told me to turn around and kneel. He said I needed to remember who I served. (I agreed!) He dropped his trousers and I opened my mouth. I reached my hands down to cup his balls, but he grapped my hair and yanked, forcing me to look up at him. He shook his head and I slowly put my hands back up to my head. “That’s it. Only your mouth. You don’t get to touch me. Not without permission.” I swallowed his cock and nodded. Again, I began to cry. I fucking LOVED to touch him!!! “If you’re good, maybe in a few days I’ll let you touch me. but not now.” I moaned, but continued sucking him. The only thing I loved more than touching him was sucking on him. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth. God, it felt good!! Then, when he was ready to come, he pulled out! “No!” I cried. But he ignored this and sprayed his sweet cream over my face and breasts. When he finished, he helped me to my feet and pointed me back to the corner.

“No speaking, remember. You don’t get my come until you prove you can obey the rules again. Now, stand there until I tell you to move. Lower your wrists. I’m going to cuff them as a reminder. I’m using the soft, loose cuffs because they’re going to stay on you for a long time.”

And so here I stand. Naked, my ass bright red, cum drying on my face and chest, my hands cuffed together. What do I have to look forward to? Another 7 days of the same. Slowly, a grin spreads over my face. Guess Uncle wasn’t getting tired of me after all.







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