Chain Gang

tumblr_o7tgxcb5nh1u2y9pvo1_540She’s perfect, my J. Sunday, she agreed to a week long discipline session. This does not mean constant punishment. There is a difference between discipline and punishment. She’s broken no rules, so there is no punishment involved. First off, she needs to get over her body image issues, and so I told her no clothes for the first two days. None. Not even shoes. The only “thing” she’d wear is her collar and cuffs. I got hard watching her eyes widen when she realized I was serious. Sure, she could have put something on when I was at work, but she’s not the type of sub to overtly break rules behind my back. She’d have fessed up and then we would have had a punishment. She hates to be punished, mainly because she knows she’s disappointed me, so she tries to avoid this.

Second, we were going to work on her fear of and my fascination of chains. So, every day we’d do some chain play. Today, it was with nipple tweezers. I modified them so that they were connected to a silver chain. Then, just to add a bit more to it, I added a longer c
hain to the center of it. J sucked on and lubricated a medium sized plug which I then inserted. Got she’s lovely. Then, I hooked the end of the leash chain to the base of the plug before inserting it. She moaned, wiggled, and softly protested, all of which got me harder than a rock. I wanted nothing more than to fuck her right then and there, but where’s the discipline in that? I had her stand, back against the wall for five minutes. (I never keep nipple clamps on her for more than 20 minutes at a time, no matter how loosely I’ve clamped them.) Then, I lubricationtold her to kneel. She did so, gasping when the chains moved. I could smell her arousal. She tipped her head back to look at me, and I nodded. She released my cock, held my hips, and worshiped me. I had to bite my tongue to keep from immediately spurting into her hot, soft, clever mouth. On and on she sucked, pulling my cock deeper inside her mouth until she could take no more. I grasped her hair, holding tight close to her scalp, moved her head back and forth. Her chains made a soft musical sound as I fucked her mouth. She kept her eyes up and upwards. She knows I love to look down and see her eyes. I held on as long as I could – about five minutes – then I let loose. I had intended to pull out and spray her breasts, letting my cum dry to a white sticky icing on her skin, but I just couldn’t. I watched, fascinated, as her eyes widened a bit and her throat worked to swallow. When I finished, I tucked myself back inside my trousers, praised her (she absolutely glows when I praise her!), then told her I would very much like a drink. She got to her feet, wincing as the chains swayed, glanced at me, and went to the kitchen. I knew by the look on her face that she had wanted the chains removed. I smiled. She’d stopped herself, and this pleased me. She handed me the drink. I looked at the clock – 20 minutes had passed since I’d first tweezed her nips. I took her mouth with mine, then released the tweezers simultaneously. She squealed, danced a little, but kept kissing me back.I knew she was expecting me to release the chains as well, but no. That would be too easy. Instead, I hooked the ends of the connective chain to the carabiners on her cuffs. Then, I gave her one good swat on her ass and told her to go about her day. I saw the tears begin to form in her eyes and felt blood flow straight to my dick again.  Between the plug in her ass and only about 8 inches movement between her wrists, I knew folding and putting away her laundry would be a challenge. Grinning, I followed her into the laundry room. This was a show I did not want to miss.

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