“I can do it,” Megan stated. “I can do whatever you want me to do. You know I can.”

“This will be the biggest challenge I’ve given you,” Ken warned.

“I know, but I’m ready.”

Ken crossed his arms over his chest and thought about it. Since Megan had become his submissive 8 months ago, she truly had surprised him with her dedication and eagerness to learn. She wasn’t shy about using her safeword, communicated well, and was eager to please. Early in the relationship, they’d each created several lists:  What I’m ready to do; What I’d like to do but never have; What I will never do; What I might be willing to do.

This had been on Megan’s “What I might be willing to do” list while it topped Ken’s “W
hat I’m ready to do”.  A threesome – well, 4 really. Megan taking a cock in her mouth, anus and pussy. Megan acting as a sex toy for three of Ken’s buddies while he sat back, watched, took pictures, and admired.

Megan knelt before him, just as she’d been taught to do.

“Sir. I want to do this. Please let me perform for you.”

Now really, how could he say no to that. “Go to the Room. Prepare yourself. Remember, no talking except for your safeword. Moans, grunts, cries are all good, but no words. You are at the mercy of four men, me and my three buddies, and you will obey without questions. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir!” She smiled happily before skipping to the Room. Ken shook hthree to oneis head and made his phone calls.

On hour later he sat on a hard wooden chair, his camera clicking constantly. There she was, perfect. Completely filled with cocks. She’d kept her rule and not said a word. Lots of moaning and gasping, but no words. His buddies praised her, called her a cunt, told her she was a goddess. She’d come three times so far. Ken had never seen anything hotter in his life! If he hadn’t put on a cock ring and focused on his photography, he’d have shot his load already too! No, he wanted to wait. He’d be the last to take her. First, Jeff, the guy with his cock in Megan’s mouth shot his load. Megan’s throat convulsed, but a few drops dripped down her chin. Perfect. He’d get a great picture of that plus a chance to punish her! Then, Jimbo shot off in her pussy. Finally, Pete was ready to come in her ass. He looked at me and I made a motion. He pulled out and sprayed her ass and back with his hot stream. Megan started to turn over, to say something, then I slapped her ass, hard. She gasped and lay back down. Then, I’d whipped off the cock ring and was in her ass. Fucking her had and deep. She screamed, crying out her pleasure. I felt her body tighten, tremble and watched as her fourth orgasm rippled through her body. Then, Then I came, shooting my cum deep inside of her. I pulled out and flipped her over. She gave me an angelic smile, pleased with herself. I kissed her soundly, telling her how proud I was of her, how much I loved her. The guys took their cue, gathered their stuff and left the room. I held her in my arms and asked her if it had been everything she’d hoped for (because it sure as fuck was perfect as far as I was concerned!).

“Yes. Yes it was, Sir. The best part, though, was knowing you were watching,” she answered.

Now that’s my good little subby.

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