Another Rule Broken

Yep. Already another one. What did I do? i went over budget – and not by a little – no, by A LOT. Like $200.00. Now, keep in mind that my budget is just that – mine. I can use it for anything I want because it does not include household expenses such as groceries, supplies, etc. It’s all mine. Mister is also nothing if not generous! Nonetheless, I went over and then tried to hide it from him. The breaking the rule is one punishment, but the hiding it beltjust got me double. First, came the spanking – 10 stripes with his belt. Hard. Rugged. My bottom was on fire and the worst part – I know he’s going to repeat it tomorrow (double punishment, remember). I tried. I really tried to take it like a champ, but I failed. After the 5th stroke I was crying like a baby and kicking my legs. Luckily, I stayed in position aside from the leg kicking. Let me assure you, nothing stings quite like Mister’s belt. Honestly, though, I kind of love it. Not because of the sting! No, I don’t love that, but I love that the belt came straight from his pants and is, therefore, a part of him. He always wears a belt – even with jeans – and so I always think about what that belt feels like every time I see it.  After the ten stripes, I knelt and kissed the belt. My face was a mess of tears (and probably snot) and I begged forgiveness. Mister asked if I wanted mercy. I thought about this, but shook my head. I had lied to my Mister by not fessing up and I had broken a rule. If he showed me too much mercy, I wouldn’t respect the rule. I answered: “That is for you to decide.” This pleased him and so he kissed me. He then lay me on the floor – omg but the carpet stung my already sore bottom! He liked my pussy (which was already dripping). He sucked my clit and penetrated me with two fingers. I came. All over his fingers. Stars exploded. Again, I cried, this time from gratitude and thanked him for his gift. He smiled and said he was glad I enjoyed it because it was the last orgasm I was allowed to have until he repeated this treatment tomorrow night. Since I had enjoyed overspending, I was being punished with orgasm denial. He held out his hand and helped me to stand. Then, he once again told me to bend over the chair. Just because I was denied the ultimate pleasure, didn’t mean that he was. I nodded and said, “Yes, sir.” He fucked me then, just like that, bent over the chair, my ass bright, hot red, tears streaming down my face. He took his time, bringing me just to the brink of orgasm then pulling out, delivering one sharp swat to my bottom, fucking me again. Finally, he came, filling me with proof of his own pleasure. I dropped to my knees, and sucked him clean. When he was satisfied, he again helped me to stand and told me fix him a drink then to shower and go to bed. In the morning, he would expect full fellatio (meaning he would come in my mouth – yum!). When he got home tomorrow night, I was to be nude and bent over the chair, ready for my punishment.

Mister is, indeed, being stricter with me than usual, but I have to admit, I’m loving it.

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