Broken Rule 2 – continued

So I did as Mister said. This morning I performed fellatio, drank his seed, did my morning chores. I went about my day and followed all of my rules. About ten minutes before he was due to be home, I stripped and bent over the chair. He came in, said nothing (which I HATE), and went right to work on my still tender ass. By the 4th stroke this time I was howling! I knew I’d have trouble sitting for days. He allowed me to come – finally (I’d been wet all day) – and then fucked me hard again. He comes in my pussy (can anything ever be more wonderful than that???) I again suck him clean, happy and proud to do this service for him. My punishment was now over – yay! He kisses me, tells me he loves me, and that he is proud of me. I start to pick up my dress andgreetings
I he takes it away. I am to serve dinner nude. Okay. I can do that. I set the table and serve the casserole, sitting very carefully on my own wooden chair. We chat about our day and it’s a lovely evening. Then, just as I’m finishing the dishes, he casually reminds me that today is Wednesday. OMG. I’d forgotten. My eyes go wide and he smiles at me and nods toward the bedroom. Just because I received a punishment does not excuse me from my Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 minute spanking. I’m crying before I
even get the pillow beneath my hips. Mister walks in, sets the timer where I can see it and begins. Thank the Lord he is kind and while he still administers a firm hand spanking, he isn’t going full tilt. Nonetheless, I’m bawling. By the time the timer goes off, however, I’m boneless, soothed, mere putty in his hands. I feel loved, cared for, and wanted.

I hear him undress. Then, he lubes my ass. I jumped a bit, but as i said, I was boneless. Nothing but a warm, tender, submissive woman. He pressed the tip of his cock against my anus and pushed in. Good lord but he’s big. He didn’t get halfway in, though, before I’m coming. Crazy like. Shivers began with my toes and ended in heaven. He laughs, enjoying my pleasure. He takes my ass, slowly, tenderly making love to me. He takes his time, his hands sliding beneath me to massage my breasts. I’m still trembling, still riding a wave – although a bit smaller – of pure pleasure. Eventually, he fills me with his cum. I find heaven again. I am so very, very grateful that Mister is mine.

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