Spring Rules – Enforced

Damn it! Already I broke a rule and just as promised, Mister’s reprisal was swift, merciless, but also fair. Which rule did I break? The one where I was to drop to my knees as soon as he came home from work. It wasn’t my fault. Okay, so maybe it WAS my fault. I had my ear buds in jamming away while folding the laundry. Mister walked into the laundry room, tapped me on the shoulder. Now here’s where I could have made amends and he would have been fine with that since the laundry room is in the basement and even without the ear buds, it’s hard to hear the door open down there. I could have apologized and dropped to my knees then. Did I? Noooooo. That would have been too easy. Instead I say “Oh, Hi. I’ll just be a minute finishing this up.”

Nope. Not a good response, especially on the first day of my new rules! Mister pulled the ear buds out, took my ipod away and now has it locked away. I might get it back sometime next week. Htumblr_nn0foolTuN1qhqj18o2_r1_540e ordered me to strip. Finally realizing I was in big trouble, I immediately did so and tried to look humble. Mister pushed my shoulders down over the washer and told me to stay. I did. Then, I heard it before I felt it. The cane. I Yelped! Jesus, but that think piece of wood hurts! I started to put my hands on my ass, to raise up. Then, I remembered his order to stay put, so I bit my lip and stayed. Naturally, he saw this, and my misstep brought a second strip. This time I stayed perfectly still, even though I yelped again and began to cry.

“Good girl,” he said. I love when he says this!!! “Now go upstairs and kneel on the couch, arms on the back, ass out.”

I obeyed as quickly as I could. Once in position, I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, he came into the room. I thought about turning to him, but he hadn’t said I could and I’d learned about breaking position downstairs! I was in no hurry for a third cane mark! Htied on couche took my arms and bound them together. Then, he put the ankle cuffs on me but didn’t chain them. I knew he was naked and, naturally, I was wet as hell! Then, then he entered me, fucked me hard, pounding into me. I began to tremble and he pushed in to the hilt, leaned over and said: “This is punishment. No orgasm for you. If you cum without permission you’ll earn yourself three more cane marks.” Oh god!! I bit my lip and tried to count, anything to distract myself from my growing need. Then, he pulled out. I begged him to stay in. I felt his hot cream cover by ass, my back, even my shoulder. When he finished, he told me to turn around and get on my knees. This was quite awkward with my arms bound, but I managed it. I opened my mouth and took his spent cock. I sucked and licked until he pulled back. He looked down at me, his hand on my chin and said: “Now that’s the greeting you will give me every night, right?” I nodded. “Good girl. I’m going to untie your arms, but no shower until later tonight. My cum can dry on your skin.” I shuddered, but nodded. “And, you’ll keep those ankle cuffs on until tomorrow night. They’ll remind you of your place. You’ll also stay naked for at least that long.”

“But sir,” I said (I’m always allowed to ask a question as long as I’m respectful.) “I was planning on going to the library tomorrow. May I please wear clothing for just long enough to do that?”

“No, my sweet. You are confined to the house without clothes for at least 24 hours. We’ll see if you remember your rule tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir. And Sir?”  He raised his eyebrow at me.  “Thank you for enforcing the rules.”

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