Dominant Diary – Outside Discipline

She could not have been more of a brat today. Talking back, refusing to do her chores, wearing her pajamas until noon. I ignored her behavior for a while, but it soon became obvious that my Lovely was in need of some serious Discipline. I called her to my office, a sure sign that we … Continue reading Dominant Diary – Outside Discipline

A Man’s Responsibility

Sometimes, a Man needs to take control. Like tonight. Missy was ridiculously bitchy when I got home from work, crabbing about one thing then another. I waiting all through dinner for her to lighten up, but she never did, not even when I complimented her cooking - which was delicious! - took are of the … Continue reading A Man’s Responsibility

Pick A Box – 2

Janice stared intently at the two remaining box, uncertain. Finally, she pointed to the largest. "Open it." Biting her lip, she did as Clark said. When she saw the plug that would be inside of her for at least 7 hours, she gave a little hiccup. If she thought yesterday had been challenging, this would … Continue reading Pick A Box – 2

Lesson in Humility – 3 (Final)

Today was my third day of confinement in the Room and forced nudity. Tomorrow, I will be given free roaming of the house and one article of clothing of Mister's choice (I'm hoping for a dress!). Today, though, I still must endure correction for overspending and then lying about it. On day one, he used … Continue reading Lesson in Humility – 3 (Final)