Remember to beg

Please may I worship your cock..

Please may i worship your cock.

Please may i worship your cock.belt

This phrase is drilled into my head. I glance at the clock and note the time: 9:30. One of my fall rules was that if Milord doesn’t offer me his cock at least once a day, I will beg for it. Today I failed this rule. Milord doesn’t expect much from me. We have only 5 Fall Rules – Fiction this season. However, Milord is quit strict. I need this strict and am grateful for it, or at least i will be once this punishment has been served. At 9:00 he pointed out my failure, and so I am not repeated this phrase Please may i worship your cock until he decides that I may, indeed, worship his cock. Half an hour ago, Milord ordered me to undress and bend over a padded chair. I was grateful for this because I could grasp the legs of the chair. Despite knowing he would do what he needed to do, I begged for forgiveness, swearing that I wouldn’t forget again. Naturally, he ignored this. I heard his belt slide from his trousers and cringed. The first slap of leather came down on my skin and i jumped. Milord does not have a light hand. Once i could breath again I begged Please may i worship your cock? He waited. Then scolded me. Just as the fire was starting to disipate, his belt came down again. This process has been repeated for 30 minutes. He’s lashed my upturned ass at least 15 times. He likes to make me wait for it. He likes to have me consider my offense. He likes to leave me uncertain as to if the punishment is over. He likes to hear me beg. And it is to his pleasure that i eagerly submit. Now, I’m crying, my ass is on fire and I’m sure I’ll have difficulty sitting tomorrow. He has covered ever inch of my ass with his belt and now has whipped the tenderest area where the upper thigh meets the curve of my buttocks. I clench my hands around the wooden legs of the chair, tears dripping on the floor. Please, Please, Milord. Please let me worship your cock! I am not only repentent for my failure, I am desperate to have his cock in my mouth. I need his cock in my mouth. He senses this. I hear him sit on the couch, but still I don’t move. Minutes pass. I remain silent although I the mantra runs through my head. Finally, he says, Very Well. I drop to my knees and crawl to him, unzip his trousers, and free his engorged cock. The head is alread19477844y oozing pre-cum. I lick this off them slide my lips down his shaft. He sighs and I redoubt my efforts. I feel my thighs getting wet, but know I will have no relief tonight. Tonight is for his pleasure and my discipline. I understand and gratefully accept this. He puts a hand on my head and says Open and Hold. I fight to remain still as he thrusts his hips upward, fucking my mouth. I gag and he says Good girl. Good. Then, he gives one last hard thrust and pushes my head down. I feel the hot stream of his cum hitting the back of my throat. He emties himself and I struggle to swallow it all. He finishes and leans back, his cock leaving me. I sit back on my heels, wincing. Yes, tomorrow is going to be painful. I have a meeting in the conference room and the vision of the hard wooden chairs flashes in my mind. I cringe and Milord sees this. He smiles, holds out his hand and I take it. He kisses my forehead, tells me to get ready for bed. I do so, the warm water stinging my swollen ass as I shower. I so very much want to get myself off, but I know better. He could walk in at any time. If he catches me, the earlier whipping will be nothing compared to that punishment! When I get into bed, he’s already there. He pulls me against him and says, You’ll suck me off in the morning before either of us leaves this bed. If you remember, I’ll let you come tomorrow evening.

Rest assured, I will remember.



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