Rekindle the Passion

ZgO7RsfzoTwMy King had not visited with me nor requested my presence for 10 days. Nothing was wrong; he was out of town for a few days then I was out of town. Then, he unexpectedly stopped by my house. Joy!!!! We kissed, made out on the couch for a while, enjoyed each other’s company. The he said something that made my blood run cold – then hot.

“The Leather is hungry. Will you feed it?”

My King never demands or commands. He asks. Even when he knows my answer, he asks. But this time, I added a caveat. “Will I also be fed?”

He smiled, lifted my chin and gave me a kiss – one of those kisses that melt your knickers off (assuming you’re wearing any). I stood, peeled off my Jeans, and positioned myself on the chaise Lounge I purchased for just this purpose. Ten days. Five times each of my cheeks fed his leather. Ten times I cried out. Ten times my pussy weeped with the pure pleasure of its bite. He stood in front of me, his trousers pushed down, his cock resplendent in its glory. I opened my mouth wide, taking as much of his flesh in as I could. And I came. His hands in my hair, his voice in my ears, his taste in my mouth, his bit on my ass. I engulf him, desperate to be fed. I didn’t wait long. He knew my need was great and he, kind as he is, did not keep me waiting. His sweetness streamed into my mouth, down my throat, igniting a fire only he could extinguish. Now. Now that both of our immediate needs had been met, we had hours to fan that flame, douse the heat, and re-kindle the passion.


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