Look! No Hands!!

DLM3wgpW4AEfp5sNo hands. That’s the challenge for the day. I am not permitted to use my hands. No touching him (or myself). To make this a challenge in self control, Milord has also stated that he will not bind my hands. Mistake number one was rolling my eyes and moaning when he told me this. I LOVE touching him!!! I also have little self control – which is all part of his devious, demented, wonderful, erotic plan! I will be punished in some manner for each time I touch him, guide him, or do anything else with my hands but leave them empty. I may, he graciously allowed, clutch at inanimate objects such as a bed sheet or chair legs. To add to this, I will also be denied clothing for the entire day! We began in the most delightful of ways – fellatio!! I was doing well, really  I was, but sucking on Milord is so very hypnotic! The only thing that gets me into sub-mind faster is when he plugs my ass. Naturally, I reached up and placed my hands on his thighs. I realized right away my mistake, but since he didn’t reprimand me immediately, I kept my hands on his skin. Yep. I should have known better! After several blissful minutes, Milord pushed my head down, forcing me to swallow his entire length, while he shot his sweetness down my throat. I sucked, licked and kissed until I’d devoured every delicious drop, then sat back on my heels.

“Five minutes,” he said. “You kept your hands on me for five minutes. That’s five minutes with my belt plus an extra five on your puss for the eye roll. Position.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. He was right. I tend to roll my eyes often and so we decided that a suitable deterrent for this would be for him to pussy whip me. I nodded and got into position. Luckily, he was slow and methodical. Unluckily (okay, that’s not really true!) he was heavy handed. After five minutes my face was as wet as my labia!! He had me spread my legs wide and administered my last five lashes. Before I could blink, he was finished and kneeling between my legs lapping up my own honey and the intense pain. The moment his tongue touched my aching, delicate skin, I came, screaming his name and clutching the sheets. He took his time, drinking my come, easing the sting. By the time he finished, I was drained.

“It’s going to be an interesting day,” he whispered to me. Milord, as usual, was right.tumblr_o2y5gzI0V51v08z0to1_500

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