Disregard for Rules

I screwed up. I admit it. Then again, I have no choice but to admit it! I have broken – willfully broken – several (okay, ALL) of my  Fall Rules 2017

  1.  I did not have an orgasm while Milord was in Milwaukee – a total of 4 days.
  2. I blew off my yoga class while he was gone.
  3. I didn’t wear my pearl collar at all and when he came home yesterday I wasn’t wearing my House Collar.
  4. I wore panties beneath my jeans yesterday.
  5. I did not suck on the dildo in front of a live feed while he was gone, nor did I offer to suck his cock when he got home yesterday.

Did I do this on purpose? Of course I did! What else could possibly account for my blatant disregard for our rules. Why did I do this? Because I was pissed he had to le


ave again for four days only a week after he got home from the last trip. Needless to say, Milord is disappoint with my behavior and, quite honestly, so am I. Because I have been so bad, Milord has given me several punishments. First, when he got home yesterday, before he’d even had a chance to relax, he marched me out back (thank the gods that be we have a very large, very private, very wooded back yard). I absolutely HATE being exposed outside, which is why he took me there instead of dealing with me in the house. I had to drop my jeans and panties, bend over with my hands supported by a tree and count while he used his belt on my ass. I had no idea when he would stop; Milord didn’t give me a number like he usually does. This too was part of his plan! I had to keep count but never know when he would finish. I got to 12 before I started sobbing. At 20 I was dancing from foot to foot, and by 25 I was bawling. That’s when he stopped. He made me stay in place while he explained quite calmly why he was disappointed in me, but that he was also proud that I had owned up to my many offenses. He told me that this was, in fact, the last trip he had planned until February (which made me very happy). Milord then stood behind me. I closed my eyes, praying he was going to fuck me. Apparently there is a god of disobedient submissives, because that’s excatly what he did. His cock felt huge and hard and perfect inside of me and I came damn near immediately. He laughed and said he was glad I had come. That I was going to be coming A LOT. He slapped my sore and tender ass flesh as he fucked and said that since he had the next three days off, he expected me to come as often as possible. In fact, he continued, he was going to require that I come as often as possible. His words pushed me over the edge again, an edge which he quickly followed, filling me with his sweetness.

He ordered me to pick up my clothing then grabbed my hand and walked me back to the house. Once we entered, he told me to strip off the rest of my clothes. I was not, he said, allowed to wear anything for the next four days, other than my collar, of course.

“Suck me,” he ordered. I dropped to my knees and eagerly did as he commanded. I tasted myself on his cock along with a trace of his own lovely cum. I sucked and sucked. When my jaw tired, I licked his shaft, his balls, his crown, his thighs, and his perineam (THAT was a tribute to my yoga practices) until I could suck him again. By now he was again hard. He grabbed me by my hair and fucked my mouth. He told me that by the end of my three days of punishment I’d be more than happy to follow the Rules. That I’d be grateful to follow the Rules. That I’d begging him to allow me to follow the Rules. Rules which I had willingly agreed to and had grievously disregarded. Then, he gave me what I hungered for. I gulped down his cum like the slut I proudly was.

Then, he shae194-modelowed me what he meant. He had me stand then strapped his gift onto me and positioned me in a corner facing the room. He switched on the remote control vibrator. I gasped and closed my eyes. He squeezed my cheeks and told me to keep my eyes open. I was to keep my eyes on him at all times. If he left the room, I was to follow. He would watch as I endured as many orgasms as he chose to give me. If I behaved, he’d unbind my wrists, but if I touched the vibrator they’d be bound again. I would wear his new gift for the next 3 days. When I showered he would remove the vibrator, but aside from that, it would constantly be pressed against my clit. If I pleased him, he might let me sleep without it. He would control when it would be on or off. I paled, realizing what he had meant by his earlier words. Still, I HAD intentionally broken all five rules!!! I came again, knowing the next three days would be torturous, knowing Milord was home, knowing Milord would take care of me. Thankfully, he turned the vibrator off. I again dropped to my knees and looked up at him.

“I’m so sorry, Milord,” I said.

“Do you think I will lighten your punishment because I know you speak the truth now?”

“No, Milord. I don’t think that, nor would I want you to.” He smiled down at me, pleased by my words. “It’s your strength that I count on, Sir. It’s your adherence to our rules that I need. Thank you, Milord.”

He bent down and kissed my upturned face and even though I feared the next few days, I felt warm and safe and very, very loved.

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