The Disciplinarian

The Disciplinarian

She is late, which is unusual. She knows well that if she is late her regular discipline session will be that much more severe. Today was going to be severe anyway. She admitted in her last confession that has eaten sweets three times last week – a serious infringement since she is diabetic. She played useless, mindless games on the internet for 4 hours. She intentionally flirted with an innocent man just so she could have the pleasure of turning him down. She did not drink her allotted 8 glasses of water three times in the last month.

I did not set these rules. I simply enforce the rules which she has set for herself, rules which, I must admit, seem quite reasonable. She has also agree to absolutely everything which I have planned for her. I sent her an itinerary this morning which she confirmed. She also confirmed our agreed upon time – 2:00 p.m.  It is now 2:15 p.m.  She knows I do not tolerate tardiness.

Finally, there is a knock on the door. She does not bother to apologize for her lateness, nor does she11412098_1620493241559870_7433698702211009023_n give an excuse. “Eighteen,” I tell her as she disrobes. I must admit, my cock hardened when I saw her face pale a bit. Nonetheless, she nodded then bent at the waist, placing her hands flat upon the bed, feet shoulder length apart. I applied my belt eight times to one cheek, inhaled deeply, her scent filling the room as her excitement increased and her skin turned red. Once she had caught her breath, I applied eight more stripes to her other cheek. Her fingers were clawed into the bed cover, her legs shaking from the effort to remain in place, sweet liquid ran down her thighs, and her labia was swollen with desire. Grinning, I laid the last two strips there at the center of her most vulnerable and delicate of places, delighting with the sound of her yelps.

“Now that we have taken care of your tardiness, shall we begin?”

She took a moment, then slipped downward. She placed her hands on the floor, her forehead between her hands, her ass – now a brilliant shade of red – up.

“Up,” I command. She sits back on her heels, head bowed. I attach a collar around hDNEF5kGXcAAdGt8er neck then add the leash. I scold her telling her that if she can’t be trusted to take care of herself, to stay away from foods that harm her, to keep herself hydrated, that she must be restrained. I slap her tits, making her nipples hard as rocks, then add the nipple clamps and chains.

Shescolding has remained silent aside from a few yelps and gasps. This pleases me and so I give her a few minutes for introspection before I proceed. I yank up on leash, forcing her to stand. She must now recite for me every infraction she has committed this month. Tears mark her lovely face, making her even more desirable, but I cannot be weak. She needs me to be strong now. I say nothing, just watch as she sobs and confesses. It is not my place to forgive her but to help her forgive herself. When she finishes I pull on her leash again, dragging her down to her knees. My cock is about to burst, but not yet.

“Now,” I say. She reaches up, unzips my trousers and releases my cock. She is not allowed to use her hands aside from this moment. If she even so much as lifts her hands I will slap her tender nipples still clamped between the metal teeth. She takes me into her mouth and I groan. It’s so very hot and wet. She uses her tongue to create pressure and sucks, pulling my length down her throat. I grab her hair and fuck her mouth, gagging her. Her mascara has run down her face, making her look like a cheap slut. On her day of discipline, she is not allowed to wear the waterproof stuff. Every inch of her will look like what she is – a well used and disciplined woman. I can’t hold out any longer and so I release down her throat, taking pleasure in the way her eyes look up at me all watery and grateful. I pull out, enjoying the string of cum the links my crown to her lips.

I pull her to the bed and tie her, spread eagle, her bottom close to the foot board. Next, I secure her wrists above her and loosening the collar, moving it up to form a gag. I remove the leash, using it to slap each of her inner thighs. I’m harsh with her, as I promised. I’ve been keeping an eye on the time and when twenty minutes has passed, I pull on the chain linking her nipples. She shakes her head and I ask if she’s ready. She blinks once – yes – and I pull, releasing both nipples simultaneously. She screams, but it’s muffled because off the gag. Again, I scold her, tumblr_ogn14uegzq1tmug1so1_540this time while I undress. I warn her of the dangers of flirting with strangers, that she could end up in just this very scenario but with someone who doesn’t care about her or her safety. I tell her I intend to show her exactly what could have happened. She blinks once. I grin and my cock hardens again.


I must admit, today’s session was one off the most pleasurable I’ve had in a very long time.

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