Maintenance Saturday

Maintenance Saturday. I dread Saturday mornings almost as much as I look forward to them. Some things remain the same. Some change. I present myself in Husband's office, nude, hands behind my back, at precisely 10:00 a.m. I confess whatever I feel I could have done better during that week. He can add to the … Continue reading Maintenance Saturday

Isolation Challeng; Completed

Isolation Challenge – Monday’s Delivery Isolation Challenge – Accepted   Zero Hour. Almost. Jean stood, still naked as she had been since accepting Monroe's challenge on Monday, beside her completed outfit, a once 7 pound outfit now whittled down to a mere 2 pounds. This was NOT as easy as it may sound. For the … Continue reading Isolation Challeng; Completed

10 ways to show Submission when you can’t have sex

 Speak respectfully - throw a "Sir" or "Mistress" or other honorific into your mundane conversation. Dress - Dress in a manner which pleases your Dominant - dresses, dress shirt/slacks, skimpy, no shirt at all. Food - either cook or order your Dominant's favorites. Food is sexy!!! Read - read aloud to your Dominant or, read … Continue reading 10 ways to show Submission when you can’t have sex