His pleasure is hers

I set up the room, cleaned it, fresh sheets, fresh flowers, cleaned ALL of the toys, cleaned my body – inside and out, shaved, did my hair, applied make-up. And waited.  Ard Ri’ is not one for subtlety, so spread liberal amounts of sweet scented lotion on my body and position myself on the bed. Nude.

He doesn’t care about the scent, but I do. He doesn’t care about the fresh sheets. He’d be happy to take me on the ground – which he has before – and it was wonderful.

Today, though, I need this. I want this. I hear the door open and his laugh as he sees the glass of ice water flavored with a fresh mint sprig waiting for him. He’s not much of a drinker, but he does enjoy mint. He takes his time, showers, and eventually comes into the room reserved for our sessions. I gasp at his beauty. He also has remained naked. Just the right amount of padding over well toned muscles. Startling blue eyes. A killer smile.

I smile up at him and say, “I’m sorry to be presumptive, but I feel the need aImagend desire for your hand, Ard Ri’.”

He crosses he arms and says, “Only my hand?”

It’s difficult to keep from grinning. “Anything else would be very much appreciated.”

He nods and does a little twirl with his finger. I get on my hands and knees, ass toward him.

He rubs my skin, electrifying every nerve. Then, with exact precision, his hand comes down. I gasp at the sting and lean my head down on the pillow. I can already smell my excitement.

I can’t help myself. I count silently. He doesn’t like when I count out loud. He finds it distracting. I asked for this, so unless I use my safeword, I will accept what he chooses to give me.

“I’ve given you what you want. Are you ready now to give me what I need?”

“Always, my Ard Ri’.”

He spits on my anus and I raise my hips higher. God, but I want him. With one hand he guides himself into me and with the other he manipulates my clit. I come before he is fully encased.

“That’s my woman. Hot. Red assed. Open. Keep it up.”

And I obey. He fucks my ass for minutes, hours, it doesn’t matter how long. Time is meaningless. The earth is meaningless. Everything is meaningless except for him inside of me, taking the pleasure I so willing give. He continues spanking my ass occasionally, making sure the sting remains.

“This what you want?” he asks expecting no reply. “My cock filling your ass. My hand marking your skin? Makes you happy to do this for me, doesn’t it.”

“Yes!” I scream as yet another orgasm rocks my body.


Then he fills me with his own pleasure. I come again feeling his cock become flaccid inside of me, pushing it from my body.

“Your ass is going to be marked for a few hours,” he says sheepishly.

I laugh and kiss him. “That is absolutely perfect.”



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