10 ways to show Submission when you can’t have sex

  1.  Speak respectfully – throw a “Sir” or “Mistress” or other honorific into your mundane conversation.
  2. Dress – Dress in a manner which pleases your Dominant – dresses, dress shirt/slacks, skimpy, no shirt at all.
  3. Food – either cook or order your Dominant’s favorites. Food is sexy!!!
  4. Read – read aloud to your Dominant or, read something that is self improving – how to garden, money management, etc. A good sub is a smart sub.
  5. Foot rub – I don’t trust people who don’t like foot rubs.
  6. Chores – complete some of your Dominant’s regular chores or take extra care with your own.
  7. Gift – Buy your Dominant a special gift that doesn’t necessarily relate to sex – a book, tool, new sweater?
  8. Play music – not necessary yourself unless you are talented in that area,  but comprise a new playlist filled with his/her favs.
  9. Love notes – A seriously forgotten art form! Hand write and decorate a personalized note.
  10. Hand over the Remote – (This is hard for me!) Sit there and try, try really hard, to enjoy that movie/show/documentary that he/she loves and you hate. The effort will be noted.tumblr_pi4imwuuqk1qem722o1_1280

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