Missing Mask Mistake.

This is my fault. My mistake. My blatant disregard for the law and Sir’s rule. I went to the grocery store this morning but when I reached into my purse, I notice I had forgotten my mask. We only live 3 miles from the store, so it would have been easImagey to go back home and get it – which would also have been much wiser. However, I decided to risk it and breezed my way into the store, did my shopping, and came back one. Once everything was put away, I scrubbed my hands for a good five minutes.

Nonetheless, when Sir got home and asked how my day was, I couldn’t lie to him. I knelt in front of him and confessed.

It is a rare occurrence when Sir is genuinely angry, but this was one of those times, and rightly so. I endangered myself and everyone else at the store. It was lazy and selfish. Sir turned on his heel, leaving me kneeling in place. He came back a moment later and buckled my collar around my neck and attached the leash.

“Look. I’m so angry right now that it’s dangerous for any physical punishment. Yet. For the next 14 days, though, you will be collared and leashed.” Then he reached down and ripped off my blouse. It was the only clothing I was wearing since this is how he prefers me when we are home. I gasped. It was one of my favorites.

“Since you chose not to cover your face, you will have no covering at all. Not for 14 days. You will not leave the house, open a door, or use the internet. You may answer a call or text. That’s the only thing you may use electronically. Once your strict quarantine is cover, then I will blister your bottom like you’ve never experienced before.”

He lifted my chin so that I looking at him. this was my chance to RESPECTFULLY disagree with his orders.

“I agree” were my words.

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