Updated House Rules

We’ve had our New House Rules for some time now. Milord and I both agreed that it was time for an update.

Original Rule:  Wear ONLY matching lingerie and only on weekdays. No underclothing of any kind on weekends. Milord may also decree a weekday to be sans lingerie at his discretion.

UPDATED RULE:  Wear only pre-approved bras or corsets. For underwear or other lingerie, permission must be obtained. Failure to obtain such permission will result in losing the privilege of wearing any lingerie for a period of no less than seven days.

Original rule: When at home, No clothing of any kind will be allowed after 9:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. unless specific permission is given. I am not allowed to ask for an exception to this rule. If we have guests, upon His word, I may retire to our room at 9:00 p.m., but only if I request to do so.

UPDATED RULE:  When at home, submissive will never wear more than 2 pieces of clothing in the house. When outside, the addition of foot coverings will be allowed. Milord has the right to demand the removal of any or all clothing at any time.

Original Rule:  I will not drink any alcohol during the week.

UPDATED RULE:  I will be allowed to drink alcohol only with Milord’s express permission. Only Milord will purchase alcohol.

Original Rule:  Each day I will insert a Yoni egg for at least one hour.

UPDATED RULE:  Each day I will insert a Yoni egg or an anal plug for at least one hour. Milord will choose which item or items will be inserted and for what length of time. If he says nothing, I will insert each item individually for an hour each.

Original Rule:  I will shave my legs, pits, and cat every day. I will also leave a thin “landing strip” only on my cat.

UPDATED RULE:  I will shave my legs, pits, and cat as needed to keep all three smooth. If  Milord notices any stubble, he may remove the offending hair by waxing or plucking with tweezers. He might choose to do this himself or allow someone else to do this task. 

ADDITIONAL RULE:  Whatever Milord places on or in me will remain there until he either gives permission or personally removes the item or substance. There will be no no whining or complaining tolerated.


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