TPE 24/7 Trial – Part 5

24/7 TPE Trial 24/7 TPE Trial – 2 TPE 24/7 Trial – 3 TPE 24/7 Part 4 TPE 24/7 Trial – Part 5

My tat is barely visible now – barely – which means this is likely to be the last day of our trial. This makes me a bit sad. I have never felt more alive and – well – free. I have been fucked in every place possible, spanked for pleasure and punishment, swallowed a gallon of cum, wore anal beads to the store, jogging, Stone’s mother’s house, church, and out to dinner. I never wear clothing at home anymore except when I’m outside. I am confident. Free. Happy. Sexy. Proud. I also screw up and fully accept my punishment because afterwards, there is NO, absolutely no, guilt or resentment from either of us. For example:

I was coming into the house, but on the phone with my friend. I sat down on the bed, kicked my shoes off, and finished the conversation. Only then did I go to position. How would Stone know – right?

Five minutes later, he comes home, goes to the living room. He inspects. Notices I’m fidgety and asks what’s up.

I cave. I totally confessed that I DIDN’T immediately get into position, but finished my call first. He nodded, and calmly asked how I would handle the situation differently. I said I could stay in the car to finish talking, stay outside, or tell Brigit I had to go. He liked all of those options. Then, he calmly had me get into Table position.

I dropped on my hands and knees while he rummaged in the kitchen. When he came back, he slid something cold into my ass and then the burning started.

“That is ginger, Karen. It won’t hurt you, but it will burn like hell. If you clench your cheeks, it will burn even more. If it comes out, I will just push it back it. It will stay there for at least 20 minutes.”

I sobbed and cried, and endured. After 20 minutes, he took it out and told me to drop my forehead to the ground. I did. He inserted a SECOND hunk of ginger!! This time, he also slid off his belt and laid 5 stripes on my upturned ass. By the time he finished and removed the ginger, I was on FIRE inside and out. My face was a mess. I scooted around and hugged his legs.

“Stone,” I blubbered. “I’m so, so sorry. I pro- pro-promise to do better.”

“Aw, Karen, I know you will,” he soothed.

I looked up at him. “Thank you, sir. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful we started this journey. I love being held accountable. I love being yours.”

“I love this, too. Now, lay on your back,” he said as he began to undress.

He knelt between my legs, my ankles on his shoulders, and impaled me on his cock. I screamed his name as he fucked me until my head spun around. Stone was in no hurry. He tweaked my nipples and varied his technique between hard, fast fucking and slow, deliberate love making. Even if he had forbid me to come, I couldn’t have obeyed.

How? How is it possible to make love to the same person as often as Stone and I do and yet still be surprised by the sensations? He took his time. Only when I began to beg for HIS release did he pull out and spray his cum across my chest.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “Now, leave my cum there. You can shower it off after your run in the morning.”

I grinned and nodded, happy to do as he said.

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