TPE 24/7 Part 4

Once again I arrived home to find Stone’s car already in the garage. I looked at the clock and confirmed I was not late – he was early. Remember his amazing reaction the last time he beat me home, I went in, put my things away, stripped, and went to the living room to stand for inspection.

“Please me,” he shouted from the kitchen.

I dropped to my knees, hands on the floor, mouth open. There I waited. And waited. I didn’t move because I wasn’t sure if he was watching from the kitchen. Finally, he came, unzipped his fly, and presented me with my prize. I adored his cock, enjoying every minute. Finally, he shot down my throat and I greedily swallowed before sitting back on my heels, proud of myself.

He adjusted himself then held out his hand to help me stand.

“Dinning room. Dinner is already on the table.”

I giggled. He’s not a great cook, so I was curious. Ah! Pizza!! YUM!!! I started to sit at the table, but he stopped me. He pointed to floor next to his chair, so once he was seated, I plopped down on the floor next to him.

Yes, this seems degrading, but it turns out, it isn’t – at least not for me. It was fun.

He fed me bites of pizza until I was full and gave me sips of diet soda in between. When we finished, he – HE – cleared the table while I stayed put.

“Today is day 9, Karen. Your tat is beginning to fade,” he said as he leaned against the doorway.

My face fell. “I know, sir. “

“It’s time we have a chat. Now don’t give me that look. Nothing’s wrong, I just need to hear how you’re feeling. So, how are you feeling?”

I processed that before answering. “I hated the punishment with the test, but I absolutely know the positions now, so it had a purpose. Actually, I hated the punishment while being punished, but after, I felt motivated, good, like I had accomplished something by both learning the positions and by being able to take the punishment.”

“Go on.”

“Honestly, I’m happier. I feel more fulfilled with my life all the way around. I get frustrated and angry at work far less often. I like when you push me to explore things I’m afraid of.”

“Like what?”

“Like my own nudity. Like anal. Like being constantly available to you. It’s like a peacefulness has come into my soul. I know that sounds corny, but. . .”

He held up a hand, smiling.

“I’m glad. It doesn’t sound corny at all. I feel the same. I thought this would be a lot of work on my part, and it is. BUT, I love it. I think about you all the time. I think about seeing you, touching you, talking with you. Instead of me getting apathetic, I think about your positions, ways to please both of us. I’m glad you mentioned anal, by the way.”

I smiled up at him.

“From now on, you will be wearing this

While you are out of the house and yard, but not at work.”

I paled. Seriously?? Still, I had agreed and so far everything he’d asked – told – me to do, I have loved. I gulped and nodded.

“By doing this, you will be physically reminded of our agreement.”

“Now,” he held his hand down to me again, “Bend over the table. I’m going to take that ass of yours right here, right now.”

He did, applying plenty of lube and easing his way in. He allowed my body time to accommodate him, but fucked me without restraint – just how I love it. I came and came and came. He slapped my ass and I came again. He laughed, slowed down, stayed inside of me and spanked me until I was crying tears of frustration and begging him to continue fucking me. He pulled my head back by grabbing a handful of hair and whispered, “I’ll do as I like, woman. I love to hear you beg.”

I sighed and continued to beg. After an insane length of time, he finally filled me with his cum, shouting my name as he did so.

The next morning, my asshole was still a bit tender. I dressed for my morning run before I remembered the beads. He just lounged on the bed and watched as I took off my shorts, lubed them up and blushed furiously as I inserted them.

During the run, I felt them move every time I did. I hated them. I thought of HIM with every movement. I loved them. When I got back home Stone had me strip out of my sweaty clothes and go to “offering” position. I knelt on the rug in our bedroom, forehead to the ground, ass up. He spread my nether lips, laughed at how wet I was and quickly, efficiently fucked my pussy. During my first orgasm, he slowly pulled the beads from my ass, causing me to fly higher with each little “pop”.

“This,” he whispered into my ear, “is how I will remove those lovely beads each and every time.”

I’m positive I’m going to end up loving the beads.

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