24/7 TPE Trial

Stone and I decided we wanted to try a TPE 24/7 lifestyle for a short period of time. We have done this for some time, but only in the bedroom. In truth, it was primarily me who wanted to try it. We couldn’t decided on a time period, so I suggested that I get a henna tattoo professionally done and, for as long as that tat was visible, we adhere to the TPE lifestyle. Stone agreed.

We actually started off by doing A LOT of talking and agreeing to things – something I wish we had done a long time ago. For example, I didn’t know that Stone had always felt like he was taking advantage of me when I would give him a blow job and he wouldn’t return the favor. He didn’t realize that by blowing him, I actually felt QUITE fulfilled and proud of myself. I absolutely WAS fulfilled, just not with an orgasm. I don’t actually need – although I certainly won’t turn one down – an orgasm to feel fulfilled.

Day one – I didn’t realize how long it would take for the tattoo to set up. The artists asked me if I wanted it to last at least 2 weeks. I thought long and hard about that one and said yes. I wanted it to last a minimum of 2 weeks. She applied the paste to the side of my right breast – an area I rarely exfoliate. Once she finished, she carefully wrapped my breasts with plastic wrap to keep the area warm and moist, instructing me to wash or flake it off 24 hours later.

Once I got home, Stone told me to remove my clothes – which I did. He admired the design and said that since the wrap had to be in place for 24 hours, he would be careful not to disturb the lovely image. He also told me that while at home, he wanted to be able to see the image at all times, so no tops when in the house. I blushed, but accepted this.

“Now,” he said, “since you have convinced me that you enjoy sucking me off, why don’t you enjoy yourself.”

I giggled this time, and got to work. Gods, but I DO enjoy this!! Licking his crown, his shaft, his balls, sliding my mouth down him, hearing his moan, his hand on my head, looking up to see the exquisite delight transform his already handsome face, the feel of his firm thigh muscles beneath my hands, the weight of his balls in my palms. I ADORE every aspect of fellatio with him. A-FREAKING-DORE IT.

But the best. The absolute best. The pinnacle of my pleasure is the pinnacle of his pleasure. I feel his balls tighten and raise, his cock swell, his hands tug my hair tight and push my head down to his base, holding me right there, the slight struggle to breathe, and finally, the hot jet of delight pulsing down my throat.

I knelt back on my heels, licking the last morsel of cream from my lips, a smug grin on my lips. He looked down at me, my grin reflected on his face.

“How did I not see how you feel about this before?” he murmured. “I’m glad your appointment didn’t take too long. After I recover, I’m going to bend you have a kitchen chair so your breasts are hanging free and won’t be squished. I don’t want to mess up that design. I’m going to fill your pussy with my cream.”

Said pussy began to drip with anticipation.

“Then before bed, at 10:00, you will be in the same position. You will put plenty of lube in your ass and set the lube on the table in case I need more.”

My eyes widened. I somewhat enjoyed anal, but I’d never really gotten into it. Still, a TPE meant just that – I WILLINGLY handed my power over to Stone. Anal was absolutely NOT on my hard or soft limit list.

“I will fill your ass as well, my love. On our first day, I want to make sure that my cum is in every orifice.”

I considered his words, and said, “I have agreed to a total power exchange, Stone. As you command, I will do.”

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