TMI Tuesday

Using the questions found at My answers are NONFICTION!

1. Confession booth. Confess two things right here on TMI Tuesday.

2. I am guilty of _____ .

Procrastination. I’m brilliant at it. Sure, there are dishes in the sink, but my dog wants to play. Yes, I need to work on edits, but maybe watch just ONE episode of a new series.

3. A big box is delivered to you. The address is correct but the name on the label is not you. Do you open the box?

Yep. My name is shockingly misspelled often as is my husband’s. Besides – curiosity is real!

4. How long have you held a grudge?

As long as needed. That kid in high school who pointed out to an entire gym full of fellow students that my boobs were saggy? Yeah. Still not over that.

5. Does anyone have a grudge against you? Why?

More than likely! My children in law for playing devil’s advocate, commentors on FB, and probably lots more that I’m not aware of.

Bonus: There is this one thing in my life I wish I had not done. I wish I had not _____ .

Stopped at 2 children. Sadly, my body thought otherwise, so I have my 2 amazing sons and several “adopted” kids who lived close to us.

Hope you enjoy these answers and be sure to click on the link to read more!

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