24/7 TPE Trial – 2

My henna still looks amazing and we are only on day 4. Since we began, Stone has used my mouth, vag, and/or my ass every single amazing day. So far, when I go to work, I dress as I always have, but my co-workers have commented how much happier I have been this week.

Today, Stone has set me up with a task. I am to learn various submissive positions by using this. When I feel I am ready, I am to take the test. I must email him the number of wrong answers. I will then keep taking the test, emailing him my numbers, until I receive a 100%. https://quizlet.com/282949926/learn

Of course, every wrong answer will incur a punishment. Despite my having to talk him into this trial, he’s totally committed now! Make no mistake. This will be a PUNISHMENT – not a consequence, not discipline.

For my first test, I missed five. For this, I was over his lap and received 25 hand swats. (5 for each one missed).

For my second test, I missed 3. For this I was bend over his favorite chair and received 15 swats with a slotted wooden spoon.

At that point, I was sobbing, but felt good about myself. Odd, I know, but true.

For my third test, I missed one. ONE!! He had prepared and gone to some trouble. He had me stand so I could see the implement – one that I had heard of but never seen. A bundle of birch rods. Five of them. All tied up at the handle. I paled.

“You will bend over the chair, legs spread WIDE. You will be birched five times – once on each cheek. Once on each upper thigh. Once on your most sensitive area. If you dare to move, I will start the count over,” he proclaimed in a tone that brooked no argument.

I wiped my tears and bent over. I screamed. I cried. I begged. I screamed again. I sobbed. I felt at peace.

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