TPE 24/7 the End of the Trial

My tat is no longer visible even if I squint. Of course Stone noticed this and said, before he left for work, that we would talk about it tonight. For the first time since 24/7 TPE Trial began, I showered, dressed, and went to work like every other person. AND I WAS MISERABLE. Sure, I could get used to not having a sore ass, a “filler” in my ass, or that delightful tingle between my legs, but I didn’t WANT to get used to it. By the time I got home, I was downright depressed. I had to remind myself several times that I didn’t have to strip and get into Inspection position.

I hated this. I don’t want “normal” anymore. I want the anticipation of Stone’s eyes, hands, and anything else he chooses on my body. I don’t want to feel like everyone else. I want to feel special, needed, loved, and wanted more than anything else by the man I love.

I came to a decision. Even though I’m the one giving up my power, that does not mean I am decision-less. Besides Stone said nothing about what I could and couldn’t do today, so I would do as I wanted. I quickly threw together a salad for dinner and put it in the refrigerator to chill before getting ready.

Stone cupped my face in his hand. He kissed me – softly, his lips barely touching mine before slowly pressing a bit harder. When he released, I was already weak kneed.

“I hoped to find you like this when I got home,” he murmured.

He walked around me, offering admiring comments as he inspected my body. His words cause me to stand straighter and prouder.

“Perfect,” he decided. “Attention”

I stepped together and put my arms down at my side.

“Tell me why you were in Inspection pose even though you you didn’t have to be,” Stone asked quietly.

Taking a big breath, I spoke without hesitation. “Because, sir, I have decided that I prefer the TPE lifestyle as opposed to the Vanilla style. I could certainly get used to going back to the way we lived before this trial if that’s what you prefer, but during this time period, I have felt closer to you, more attuned to my body, my thoughts, my feelings, and my actions. I FEEL you with me every moment of the day and night. I adored that. In truth, I’ve never felt more complete or happy. Sir. If you agree, I’d like to continue this lifestyle.”

Stone said nothing, just walked away. My mind spun and I began to shake. Then, he walked back into the living room with two items in his hand. A large, uncomfortable plug and a tawse.


I couldn’t stop the grin as I got down on my knees, forehead resting on my crossed hands, ass up. Stone spoke as he worked in the lube and the plug.

“I feel the same, Karen. I loved this trial. However, I honestly don’t think this is sustainable 365 days a year. I believe if either of us needs a break, we simply say the words ‘not today’. No arguments, no questions. How does that sound?”

Gasping as the plug slowly stretched my anus, I managed to squeak, “Perfect.”

Once the plug was fully seated, I felt almost too full, my heart even fuller. The tawse came down. I yelped, but stayed in position, something I would not have been able to do three weeks ago. But now, my body recognized the sting as a forerunner to pleasure.

Stone made announcements before each strike of the implement.

I love you.

I hold your power which you have given over to me.

I will always respect you.

protect you.

discipline you.

please you.

I was sobbing and felt completed loved. Suddenly, I heard the tawse drop to the floor, followed by the sounds of Stone disrobing. He knelt above my upturned ass and plunged his cock deep within my honey coated tunnel. One hand rested on my back while the other kneaded my left breast. He was not gentle. He was pure power. My mind shattered with the combination of pain and pleasure, releasing me to feel. Just to feel my body, his body, and the electricity flowing between us.

“Mine,” Stone shouted, filling her tunnel with his cum. “You. Are. Mine.”

Deep within my consciousness, as his hot seed shot into me, “and you are mine” was my only thought.

2 thoughts on “TPE 24/7 the End of the Trial

  1. Awesome post, coming to a reality that works for both of you, relax and enjoy your closeness, fell his love always, be better together under his guidance and control, giving to each other freely. Sir in Phoenix/Scotland

    Liked by 1 person

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